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  1. People can try but they'll never be a summer song like it again.
  2. Yeh that is a good idea. Be cool to see how they were changed to become more modern rap songs.
  3. [quote=Da Brakes,Aug 20 2004, 09:13 AM]I think thats kinda corny![/quote] Hows this one for ya Da Brakes Forever Together
  4. Never seen many rap acts live in person. Only Run DMC and Goldie Lookin Chain. But i saw Beastie's live on MTv and they put on one hell of a show, and play their own instruments too which is pretty cool. Can't beat JJ+FP tho as far as what I've seen on TV
  5. I like Trevor Nelson, but don't always agree with his taste. But since its someone's opinion we can't moan about whats in his top 50.
  6. Congrats man, they are some pretty good grades. Good luck with uni if ur going.
  7. back to university on the 24th for enrolement and lectures start on the 27th. Jim your lucky dude, when i used to have to go back to school, we'd be back on like the 3rd of September with summer barely over.
  8. [quote=Endure,Aug 19 2004, 05:22 PM]Anyone notice that they repeat the same throwout??? I noticed that when i ssaw jazz's fro "grow back" when he got chucked out lol.[/quote] Yeh i mentioned that further up the thread.
  9. Air Fresh Didn't will end up using that logo for his company or something?
  10. I guess being a smart man he's probably not mad at columbia, b'cos thats just the way the darn music industry works. Thanks for taking the time to type that up for us.
  11. Stealing from Run DMC here. Together Forever
  12. Yeh, its the just the way things work, you play the classics that alot of ppl will know (I.E greatest Hits) and some new tracks to promote your new stuff
  13. Yeh, Hitch maybe straight to the point etc, but makes t sound less of a classy film.
  14. Us UK fans mite be lucky again, and get another b-side not on the album, just like when Holla Back came out. So i mite get both a pre-release and the proper release when it comes out, just fotr the possibility of extra tracks.
  15. [quote=JumpinJack AJ,Aug 19 2004, 08:59 AM]Not 2 sound rude, but what can u expect from someone who makes a post asking if we wanna see an interview, then makes another saying they will post it....but never do. :speechless:[/quote] Trying to make a good first impression to us all.
  16. Yep darn students love them 90's danceable classics. Darn it im one of them
  17. :switch: Happy Birthday dude :switch: Get the partay kicking for the UK
  18. Probably made by a guy who used to be on her or something and wanted some of Tim's glory for himself.
  19. Yeh that is a pretty impressive list. Im into making music vids myself. Dn't think I'll eva be that succesful tho.
  20. Thats cool bro, I know what ya saying
  21. It happens with a lot of forums
  22. Not to get at you bro, cos your cool and all, just you seem to hate on the solo stuff too much
  23. Websites looking smart bro, Keep up the good work
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