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  1. Websites looking smart bro, Keep up the good work
  2. Its probably all about the money for some of them, and since the olympics is a non-paying event then maybe they ain't that bothered. Where's the pride?
  3. Screw the critics, i hate critics.
  4. I remember that earthquake, it was my first night away from home when i went to uni and we were in a club at the time (Freshers week baby) Scary stuff
  5. Well in the later episodes you could always tell iut was gonna happen cos they'd have Jazz wearing the same old shirt he wears for when he was thrown out and then just cut to and old clip of it when he did. Makes you laugh cos his high top fade was still shown.
  6. Lets just wait and see what happens, and im sure we'll al be happy. Except mabe Jim cos seems to despise this Big Will era. You use some pretty harsh words sometimes for a guy your supposed to love
  7. As a DJ other than the original, DJ JazzyJeff's Mix is best cos its got more of a danceable beat but keeps the song the way it was.
  8. I thought Guests could post in all forums anyway.
  9. Yeh, we've already had some crazy wetaher this summer, just loook at whats going on down Cornwall way with them floods. They are soo bad that buildings are being demolished and cars are floating everywhere.
  10. Yeh, maybe it is funny to read, im just not gonna get involved. :cya:
  11. Who says you have too. Its a welcome from me
  12. Now i can imagine Brand New Funk 2004 being a single, and a darn good one too. Beastie Boys are taking it back to the old skool with their latest album with good sucess and i think this could too.
  13. Yeh, Batman is a cool supehero. And Halle Berry is one fine lady, I'll maybe wait for the vid tho.
  14. Give it atleast a week after it being filmed for it to be on TV, maybe more.
  15. Preach Julie Preach. It is getting to the stage where people sound like they are moaning about what can only be a good thing. New JJ+Fp whatever form it takes.
  16. I would say that the guitar works quite well tho, just subtle enough
  17. Im sure The Magnificent did abit better. I know a few people myself who bought it, maybe on my recomendations tho and the fact one of them loved Boys To Men so much so just had to own it for that one track, but ended up really liking the album
  18. I can imagine being adapted to stage quite well actually. Not too many scene changes involved.
  19. Its not stupid, cos they both wanna do their own thing aswell. To Be honest, its very likely that it'll be a "Will Smith" album, we shudn't hate on that at all, cos 6 months ago if you heard a new Will Smith album was on its way you'd be smiling like mad, its only cos its closer and closer now that we are all starting to get picky about little things like this. Jeff's on the album, aint that god enough for anyone? Yes i too would like a 6th proper JJ+FP album but im extrememly delighted with a Will Smith album with Jeff on some tracks. Sorry to aosund angry, but i hope you all see my point.
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