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  1. I love them both to bits (BWS & Willenium) but i went for Willenium cos its sucha great mix of different styles on that one. Where are all the BWS fans now? Probably grown up. Reviewers always say Will Smith ages but his fans stay the same age, (Not us of course) but i guess they mean his raps are aimed at the young(Not in my opinion they are not) and that fans grow out of him. And the whole Sony thing of saying he doesn't appeal to kids anymore equals that he has crap record sales nowadays. Its harsh but maybe the truth. I just don't see how the 9 millioin or wateva people who bought BWS don't bother anymore, cos yeh the singles were partay tunes and maybe appealing to kids mostly but the album was still strong and deep, and as you get older you still appreciate them as good songs. Lets hope this new album is a wake up call for these older people who bought BWS.
  2. Never met either of them, but obviously would love to. Maybe one day.
  3. [quote=DevilsJim89,Aug 29 2004, 11:08 PM]FP looks dope and so does LL but the "Big Will" belt buckle looks kinda gay...when will that "big will" thing end? i miss the fresh prince. lol.[/quote] I think he'll always been known as Big Will now. But he still also refers to himself as Fresh Prince when he performs with Jeff so can't complain on that front. Doesn't matter what his rap name is cos he's still the same guy. And that belt is ace (GAY, what a way to describe a belt )
  4. The ting is i don't think you'll be able to find a question that you know the answer to, but a lot of us do not. What makes you have soo much knowledge of Will over us?
  5. Celtic for the Scottish Premier League, there's just no competition anymore
  6. I know there's a few footy fans here, (The Euro 2004 thread) Just wondered who you think will win the English Premier League now its started. However much it hurts me to admite it, im going for Arsenal. Im a Tottenham fan and they are like local rivals with each other but i think they are just unstoppable as a team right now. Man Utd are still a good side, and Chelsea may have the money behind them but i see tht etitle going back to Arsenal this year.
  7. Yeh, for me especially over the last couple of months since I've been on my summer hols I've posted a whole lot more. Im around for another 4 weeks or so then I'll be laying back off the posts for a while. It'll be more like tons once a week i write up when i get to a computer with the internet.
  8. Thats ace thanx, and the first time eva I've heard Jeff play one of his own songs (Summertime briefly) in one of his mixes.
  9. Maybe JJ+FP not doing House Party was a blessing in diguise. Who knows where Will Movie career would have been now if they had, or if the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air would even have existed. Only really heard a few Kid n Play songs. Not an easy artist to get hold of their stuff anymore in the UK. AJ what album of their's would you recomend as a first buy?
  10. Well if someone really wants it cos the wait could be endless for the real thing, go for it. His feedback rating is high enough for this not to be a total bodge job.
  11. Yeh when one of your fave artists brings some new material out you'd be a fool just to get a burned copy or download the whole thing.
  12. Please don't anyone try anymore, they'll just get worse and worse :roll:
  13. I can see this as a home made product. Its quite possible. Still a nice buy, if i could afford it.
  14. [quote=DevilsJim89,Aug 26 2004, 11:48 AM]wouldn't that be 6 CDs? Best of Both Worlds is 2 Discs...heh[/quote] Don't get cheeky now Jim
  15. In my CD player right now TQ- They Never Saw Me Coming Van Halen - Best Of Both Worlds Goldie Lookin Chain - Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do WWF The Music Volume 5 DJ JazzyJeff & The Fresh Prince - He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper Gotta love 5 disc multi changers
  16. Urm, not that i know of, but let us know if you find them
  17. Good way of remembering it Brakes.
  18. Bad, but in the Michael Jackson way Well its filled up my afternoon nicely reading it. :roll:
  19. Well they come from the new generation of Gangsat Rap style. Its just its a lot more commercial now so its pop rap too.
  20. Thats the only problem with established artists who get their site done by the record label. They don't tend to have that much on them apart from up to date stuff. Its just so they promote the hell out of what evers coming out next from the artist.
  21. Looks like we are gonna have to. Give it a couple of weeks and it shud be on TV. The time it takes from a video being finished to it premiering isn't always that fast, so be prepared to wait alittle longer than planned.
  22. It's Mondays in the UK isn't it. Well thats when I've always realised music to come out.
  23. :eek4: When it does Tim, make sure you remember us all. You'll be trying to netertain 100 regulars
  24. Maybe this guy doesn't know the extent of how big fans we are of Will
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