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  1. Man Utd will pull themselves up again i just think they will come 3rd again behind Arsenal and Chelsea. Atleast they have just signed Wayne Rooney tho. No Premiership games for a while now as we have International Matches thsi Weekend in Friendly and World Cup Qualifying form.
  2. Yeh i had friends who went to Readin this year. 50 Cent really didn't belong there, its not cos the UK don't like him its just he didn't fit in with the scene. They have Rap acts nearly every year, Jurrasic 5 played but went down well, and even Eminem & D12 played in 2001 and went down ok I saw Run DMC there in 2001 and they went down really well. 50 should have really thought about this one more.
  3. [quote=the real big willie,Sep 1 2004, 04:51 AM]was it mellon, or maybe peach. :speechless:[/quote]
  4. Well off that list i picked Potnas, but my own personal fave is quite a hard choice. Maybe Who Am I or Pump Me Up
  5. [quote=DevilsJim89,Aug 31 2004, 11:36 PM]funny but degrading to women...jeezs...thats horrible if you think about it.[/quote] Well aslong as she didn't mind, and im sure she didn't it doesn't really matter.
  6. Well that aint the story i heard, i knew Em was in them originally, but when he got big they had 6 then one died.
  7. Cool interview. You could always tell Charlie Mack was more of a friend to Will than an employee
  8. Tim's the one you gotta be speaking to about that (Hero1) Give him a PM
  9. thats a fair point to make, If i really loved an artist who did a group off-shoot with some other rappers i wernt to keen on im usre it'd not seem to bad to me either.
  10. He didn't actually do it in the UK when a few of the guys and gals went down to see him. He did in Australia i believe but not everyone has cameras
  11. I did say they were funny, i think the way i worte it didn't help. Bizzare is funny, and his lyrics are funny, sometimes abit sick tho. I just think that they should have more variation to their style. I guess what they are doing sells but its just not for me. Im not trying to diss them cos i havent listened to their stuff religiously to get anything out of it, they just don't give me a great first, or second impression
  12. Yeh, but he only re-joined them cos one of the members was tragically killed. Funny, maybe. But i don't think they have the skills to produce anything that hasn't been done before. As far as large Rap groups go, Wu-Tang would do it for me over them every time
  13. I can understand what you mean with tracks like White America, its more this D12 stuff. I don't think any of them are great rappers at all, and without Eminem they'd be nothing.
  14. I'm no hater, just not a fan of 50 etc. I like Eminem, i think he has good flow and his lyrics are well put together, just it seems he's not as passionate as he used to be.
  15. I'd say yes, cos you'd already bought it. However you could probably pick it up dead cheap off Ebay or in a store anyway.
  16. Well its cool the pub, cos most of the peeps appreciate old skool and undergound hip-hop music too, so i have a great night playing rock and hip hop music, all kinds and i get away with it.
  17. It may be delayed being released cos he still hasn't secured a record deal to put it out on yet (Unless anyone knows otherwise) Wont stop the vid being on TV tho soon.
  18. Yeh i think MTV UK are abit better towards Will, it was only 2 years ago that they had Will Smith day on MTV Base.
  19. .. The dancefloor is full (Its not that big anyway, maybe 20 peeps or so) Naughty By Nature's Feel Me Flow is pumping, when KevTastic pumps in Da Brakes - Understand. Gives a shout out over the mic "This is Da Brakes, an up and coming rapper from the south" People seem to wait a while to see if they recognise the song, then carry on dancing just cos they seem to enjoy the song. At The end KevTastic mixes in Estelle's 1980. So in other words Da Brakes your song went down really well up here in Kettering, in a pub that prodominantley filled with Rock Fans usually.
  20. [quote=JamesUK,Aug 28 2004, 08:44 AM]All i need to say is Cristiano Ronaldo - and the title goes back to Old Trafford[/quote] Not the way they wanted to start the season tho, 7 points behind top place and only 4 games played. Can't see Arsenal and Chelsea dropping points anytime soon either. Tottenham are 4th woooo!
  21. Cheers Da Brakes, and well done for reaching 1000. Turns our im DJ-ing tonight at my local pub before a club night thats held, so I'll bespiining your Understand track tonight, I'll give it a nice intro (Up and coming rapper Da Brakes) Let you know how it goes down 2mora.
  22. Think about it tho on the size of this country to the US population wise, and I'd say us Brits are doing a good job.
  23. Yeh you are, i've been gone since Friday night and now its Monday afternoon, I've online an hour reading and replying to posts and still not finished.
  24. Saved by The Bell started a craze of NBC teen sitcoms in the 90's. California dreams being the best, my friend had a CD with all their songs on from the show, you lidten to them nowadays and they are corny as hell but it was a good show at the time. Programmes just got crapper after that tho, Hang Time, USA High, Malibu, thye were all okay but really just overusef the formula
  25. Darn it, I'm DJ-in at a Wedding Anniversary that night (How fun that'll be) Tim if you find out if Jeff doing any other dates around that time, let us know. Cos you wouldn't think he'd be over in England for nights show.
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