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  1. i would love 2 moderate tfpoba. Ive seen every show a million times so its like my specialist subject. wow im really going up in the world. :biggrin:
  2. well ive got the north of england covered, i will use what little free time i have left to help out.
  3. my faves in order are: 1. Wild Wild West 2. BB2 3. MIB 4. Independance day 5. BB1 6. MIB2 7. Ali 8. Enemy of the state 9. six degrees of separation. 10. Made in America. 11. the legend of baggar vance 12. Where the day takes u as u can tell i prefer Wills funier roles, but i do like them all.
  4. i remmember the first time i saw it i was very underage coz it was an 18 here and my dad wouldnt let me watch it. S got up really early 1 sunday morning to watch it on video knowing my parents would be in bed lol. Then my dad caught me and told me off. It was actually really funny. At the time i didnt really like it that much , probably coz i was scared 4 my life, but know i love it, its probably 1 of my fav movies.
  5. I keep contacting the trouble channel but they just ignore me. If u go to www.trouble.co.uk they have a contact us box, i went there. I know that they broadcasted the pilot a while ago, but i went and missed it :hyper:
  6. i love of those that ppl have mentioned, another 1 i loved was where Carlton and Will blackmailed Hilary and she had to do all those things at the dinner table, like bark like a dog. I also love the 1 where Wills mom sleeps with Lisa's dad but its one of those ones i keep missing when its on. But its great when Will catches them and screams "MAMA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" :laugh2:
  7. Im definalty hungry 4 it now, i was listening 2 Willenium driving home from work and i was thinkin i really hope the new album is similar 2 it, coz that would b so cool. And then listening 2 Dont fight the feeling, i have a urge to hear more new tracks. At least we know this year Will has done at least 2 tracks 4 Sharktale, and he has possibly sampled Jaws and at the car wash. (All i know is that those songs are sampled on the akbum, but i dont know if Will has).
  8. cool thanx AJ and Tim and any1 involved in puttin that up. It sounds like a follow up 2 Boom, its great!
  9. haha i know what u mean the real big willie, it never fails to make me laugh. But im not sure i wanna be known as a big willie here in england either. im definatly gettin my posts up quick.
  10. that is such a fantastic idea. I think its sometimes easier to talk 2 ppl online coz u dont really know them.
  11. yeah i wanna keep my title lol, i worked hard 4 it.
  12. yeah that would be really cool , im also a little low on time, but i used 2 hate watching what Sony did and to just have 2 sit there while no promo was done on B2R. Its nice 2 just do something.
  13. Name: Julie Country: England Language: English Something about me: Im a trainee Veterinary Nurse ( a vets helper) and when im not on this board im pretty much just at work, and u have 2 sometimes excuse my posts coz im usually very tired at the time lol.
  14. I kinda liked the old board too, but like every1 said we will get used to it. Im sure ur still working on some stuff.
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