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  1. Im definalty hungry 4 it now, i was listening 2 Willenium driving home from work and i was thinkin i really hope the new album is similar 2 it, coz that would b so cool. And then listening 2 Dont fight the feeling, i have a urge to hear more new tracks. At least we know this year Will has done at least 2 tracks 4 Sharktale, and he has possibly sampled Jaws and at the car wash. (All i know is that those songs are sampled on the akbum, but i dont know if Will has).
  2. cool thanx AJ and Tim and any1 involved in puttin that up. It sounds like a follow up 2 Boom, its great!
  3. haha i know what u mean the real big willie, it never fails to make me laugh. But im not sure i wanna be known as a big willie here in england either. im definatly gettin my posts up quick.
  4. that is such a fantastic idea. I think its sometimes easier to talk 2 ppl online coz u dont really know them.
  5. yeah i wanna keep my title lol, i worked hard 4 it.
  6. yeah that would be really cool , im also a little low on time, but i used 2 hate watching what Sony did and to just have 2 sit there while no promo was done on B2R. Its nice 2 just do something.
  7. Name: Julie Country: England Language: English Something about me: Im a trainee Veterinary Nurse ( a vets helper) and when im not on this board im pretty much just at work, and u have 2 sometimes excuse my posts coz im usually very tired at the time lol.
  8. I kinda liked the old board too, but like every1 said we will get used to it. Im sure ur still working on some stuff.
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