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  1. Man can't wait to see that movie. It looks just perfect.
  2. Welcome to the board. feel free to share your opinion with us.
  3. Man pretty hard lyrics. But Life's not a bitch. Man I like the lyrics, but gotta keep your head up... even when the road is hard, never give up.. Don't look for freedom and happiness outside. Take a deep look and you will find it inside of you.
  4. No. I was talkin' bout Da Brakes LOL
  5. Well ppl. I must say that i've heard the song a couple of times now and i like the flow od~f the song and of will's part.
  6. LL Cool J Biz Markie Mario Winans Queen Latifah Nas kanye West and that should be it oh and a lot of JJ+FP
  7. yeah 1 or 2 trcks at the max. but they did a hell of a job in B2R, a little bit excessive but still good. But now it's time to hear some JJ+FP tracks again. :rock:
  8. I'm Comin' Who Am I Act Like You Know Block Party Give Me Tonite How Da Beat Goes Chasing Forever Holla Back Born to reign and many more...
  9. so, cant wait to see the vid. btw you are a very lucky person. lol
  10. Cary Grant played Walk don't run with Samantha Eggar. She played Astronaut's wife with Charlize Theron, and Charlize played The legend of bagger Vance with Will. Will to Da Brakes.
  11. [url="http://imdb.com/name/nm0103750/"]http://imdb.com/name/nm0103750/[/url]
  12. Anette Bening was in Open Range wiyh Kevin Coster, who was in Dragonfly with Jacob Smith. Jacob Smith was in Small Soldiers with Tommy Lee Jones, who was in MIB with Will Will Smith to Hugh Jackman
  13. and youre right. no i dont have a summertime acapella verion. have other but no summertime sorry :sad6:
  14. I think i have one, but let me chek. the only thing is that i only can see if i have ine later this afternoon. but as soon as i know if i have one ill let you know.
  15. yo ppl. im from portugal, but i lived in germany for 13 years. "near" koln Wermelskirchen
  16. yeah finally he gets a little bit recognition for what he gave to the music and film world
  17. "...my career is over as far as fightin' but I don't know what made me think I can beat Mike Tyson..."
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