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  1. tehy all are great but in different types. But i think i can consider Ali my fav. :clap:
  2. yeah hpefully nop more changes. it should already be out, but lets wait...
  3. Welcome. feel just like home, because in time you'll see us as you new family.
  4. its supposed to come out in september but no oficial release dates. as far as i know
  5. I'm new around here only because it took me a while to find a forum worthy of staying there and where i found a lot of nice people who share my passion for JJ+FP and for some good music, not this crap who the most people listen too. But i'm staying here. This is just the place to bi if you want some good info, pics, conversations... You get everything around here. And believe me i've been almost in every forum throug the net. But i think i've found my cloud to settle down. You'll be seeing me around a lot of times, and i post as much as i can. PEACE :thumb:
  6. Willennium definitly. Old' skooll for old' skoolers. :thumb: :switch:
  7. yeah i like it too. it's different but it has some great tracks in it :thumb:
  8. well i guess that they just say that will is on the soudtrack to seel it. But i hope that i'm wrong
  9. Let's just say that he wanted the Fresh Prince.
  10. Well lets just say that ignorant people say ignorant things. He's not in a possition to open his mouth talkin' bout' Will
  11. This really is the best site i've eva seen. Congratulations
  12. Be who you want to be and hear what you want to hear, not what other ppl tell you to. Live simple
  13. Defenetly Chelsea. They have a great coach and some great players from the portuguese leauge. btw i'm portuguese.
  14. yeah. And thats why i woulnd't risk buying that stuff. But even if you buy it and recive a blank disk, you can still send it back and regain your money. e-bay as lawyers for such cases
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