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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. Its on teh 29th. And i think it going to happen because he is can use it to promote his new single and album. and i have a little bit of hope that he'll perfomr. let's hope fpr the best
  2. Man, tks a lot for the video. You're a lucky guy because you were able to see it live Tks again
  3. LL Cool J Doesn' curses. well said DevilsJim89, music only influences our lives if we let it happen. but JJ+ FP proved that you can make some good music without cursing, but it seems that everyone has forgotten it. man i hate cursing in music. you can transmit your message to many more ppl if you do not curse
  4. this is all set up. But they should let them perform Switch so everyone can see that Will is a rapper and then an actor and that JJ+FP are back
  5. Peolpe be honest. We are all waiting a long time for some new material, so the name doesn't matter. JJ+FP will be always present. We should be glad to get some new stuff,so go out on the streets and help promoting the single and album. Now is the school begining for all these wanna be rappers in the market, Now is the lesson begining... JJ+FP 4 EVA
  6. Tks for these hot tracks :rock:
  7. tkx for the video love it, but wait to see the switch video, it will be a blast,that i'm sure of
  8. Xzibit is just jealous. His lyrics mean nothing, they just say how bad he is and how much money he makes.. bla bla bla And after all he had some roles in some movies too. But Will makes Music for love to the music and love for the REAL fans, not soem wanna be fans. And after all Will said: "...movies is just a chick on the side, i'm in love with the flow..."
  9. Man this Album is going to be Huge. It doesn't matter if ol'school or not. Where Will and Jeff put their hand to is Great, and their proved it through all this years. just let it come... and "...NOD YA HEAD..."
  10. Thankx 4 the info, but i can't wait that long. i'll buy it over the internet as soon as it is released.
  11. It would be great to see them back together performing... Just can't wait...
  12. If YOU LIVE IN THE AREA & MISSED IT... ...SHAME ON YOU i would give anthing to see a live performance, but Portugal is simply not so attrackting for him to come over here. By the first chance i get to see him i'll be there.(if i know about it in time.) "...movies is just a chick on the side, i'm in love with the flow..." BIG WILL 4 EVA
  13. Will is old school. but if he does some rock mix i'll support him because i think that anything he puts his mind to is great. But let him choose what to do with his life, the only thig we can do is give him our fully suppport and "rock the house" with him. BIG WILL 4 EVA
  14. This Album will be the best Album ever. He had all the time he needed to concentrate and prepare for the Album,and he has all the creative freedom he wants, and needs. JJ+FP are back Can't wait to hear, and see :cya: :rock:
  15. Does anyone knows when the new single is comin out in europe. I'm Will fan since i remember and my biggest dream is it to meet him before his 40th birthday, and belive me, i'm gonna do it. that's the only thing that keeps me up workin' hard WILL SMITH 4 EVA
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