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  1. We still have a lot of things to learn from Will. Tks for the Interview
  2. [url="http://www.fadeinonline.com/"]http://www.fadeinonline.com/[/url] But i can't find the interview
  3. [url="http://www.fadeinonline.com/"]http://www.fadeinonline.com/[/url]
  4. THats great. it means it should be out at any time :switch:
  5. Da Brakes, I've been listening to some of songs. Man you's songs impressed me a lot. You've got it, the only thing thats missing is a little bit of luck to get a record deal. And remember us when youre with Will. Congratulations :thumb: :urock:
  6. Try to put it up. try to reduce it. how big is it?
  7. I've just watched the video again and i had this feeling too. But thats what makes a great artist, he resolved his little problem out well, and the croud gone wild. He's just great performing live, but im still waiting for a better video of his performance. i've heard da brakes has one. come up with it fast so everyone can go wild with him. JJ+FP are just mad performing together, and the human beat box was great too. LOVE THEM :rock:
  8. I havent seen or heard anything from brakes. But tell me where and ill be glad to go there to see/here some of his stuff,so i can give him some FP's
  9. All of them are great. Summertime is just one of the best songs JJ+FP ever made. And it is probably one of the best Rap Songs ever.
  10. Peolpe go out on the streets and Promote the new single. it's gonna be huge
  11. Remember, Will is running for US President in about 10 years. He said it himslef, so he has to look a little bit younger than in the pics. But still nice pics.
  12. [quote]one of my favorites was when will and jazz were outside..and he goes to uncle phil "uh ha you cant throw me out of the house!" and then uncle phil throws him back inside![/quote] I'm with Tim. That defenetly was one of the biggest throw "outs" :hilarious: :hilarious: :hilarious:
  13. Well i guess that i'm goin' to see it when it comes out in Europe. I saw some nice parts so i'm curious to see what's it like.
  14. Wasssaaa...??? Yeah all coll. JJ+FP
  15. Man take it easy. OF course are thousands of pounds a lot but it's easy to damage a hotel room with peaches. you just have to hit the right spot. of course it's a stupid thing to do but how often do you hear that will trashes a hotel room or does other stupid things. everyone is a sinner. But if his mamma knows about it... Well just lets say that he'll writes another song like Parents don't understnd
  16. Let the man have fun. He paid for verything, so its all good. Of course it's not the smartest thing to do, but who hasn't done one crazy thing in life??? Forget about it
  18. Exactly. But the new JJ+FP album will be even better then Beastie Boys's album
  19. ...SWITCH... ...SWITCH... ...SWITCH... ...SWITCH... :switch:
  20. If he's going to the UK to perform again i'll be there. I can't miss it again. I've heard that he's lookin' for a house to buy in London. He's thinkin about movin to London with the Family
  21. That means that in a few days the video should be rolling. That's it people, its so near that i can almost feel it... Get ready to NOD YA HEAD
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