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  1. :bowrofl: :thumb: I'll get there. I'm only a new member. But give me some time
  2. Please STOP :roll: :bowrofl: :hilarious:
  3. Well said. but remember that most of the teens only listen to certain type of music because other people do. and i bet that these 2 kids din't really new what to think and were only listening to Eminem because it's "cool". :bang: :bang: :bang: You have to choose for yourself what kind of music you like. And if your happy with it than nothing, but really nothing can harm you. you can advise peolpe but you ca not force them. Thats what i think.
  4. :hilarious: :hilarious: :hilarious: :hilarious: :hilarious: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:
  5. Yeah imagine all the people mailing him. That would crash his computer. :guru: It would be great, but...
  6. Next year he's gonna be there but not as a presenter. He will be nominatesd in everything possible. JJ+FP Will bring the house down
  7. these teeneys just don't know what real music is. They are feeded everyday with crap. and MTV? Come on its just not the same thing as it were.
  8. yeah you'll finds everything you need there and you defenetly need the JJ+FP Albums.
  9. Yo wass up bender. Welcome to the forum. keep posting. this os the place if you want some JJ+FP info. Bem Vindo :thumb:
  10. Great job. This is the best guide i've eva seen. :thumb:
  11. yeah it's about time that they release the DVD. There are people all over the planet waiting for the DVD. But the problem is that the FPOBA is soo good that they are still showing it in many countries.
  12. that would be great. It would be just a promotion for the DVD, if their ever thinkin bout releasing it. :bang: But it would be nice to see how everyone developed in life,and hear them talk bout good old times... :sonny:
  13. Denzel Wachington Nicholas Cage Robin Williams Samuel L Jackson Morgan Freeman Hugh Jackman, but any movie is good as long as Will is in it. :thumb:
  14. well at least we know that the video is finiched. its just a matter of oportunity now. we have waited so long, i guess that we can wait 1 or 2 weeks more. :thumb:
  15. Hey Cyrano, you are my neighbour. I'm from Portugal. Finalmente que encontro um apoiante do Will Smith na Peninsula Iberica (Finally i've found a Will Smith fan in the Peninsula Iberica (Portugal and Spain).) :thumb:
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