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  1. Well people i think it's time to do what we' all waited for. Let's create some banners to promote Lost & Found. Let's see what comes up. :rock:
  2. hehe .. everytime i see a jjfp video on tv here in germany they show tims site as official website .. tim should be proud about his great site and forget about all those news stealers :thumb: :werd: Yeah, this really is a great site. And even though its not mine im very proud to be part of this comunity :thumb:
  3. :kekeke: I doub't that will thorowes jazz out of the house just like he did in FPOBA :lolsign:
  4. The horns of the goat = "Will's" arms :lolsign:
  5. it could be release dates, but how does part 2b mix with 2a?
  6. Im gonna check it out even though/ and because i'm not new to hip-hop and definatly not exposed 2 the stuff on the radio.
  7. Thanks for the article. at least now we have the absolute confirmation the JJ will be on it. :thumb:
  8. Well i think i,robot deserves the oscar. The sepcial effects are great. But i doubt that sharktale wins, even thoug he deserves it
  9. Don't forget the I'Robot DVD (Which i already have) and the ticket for Hitch :rock:
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