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  1. yeah try to upload it. i'm always lookin' for new jj+fp stuff. :thumb:
  2. yeah that would be great. but the probability that will ever visites the site is very small. he is a very busy man,and jeff is so busy as will. and i rather prefer that they concentrate on their music than on visiting sites. But it would be great. :thumb:
  3. Yeah let's hope that he tours after releasing his new album. can't wait to see where he's touring.
  4. Yeah tkx for the link. All the videos are awsome. they all worked for me :thumb: :hilarious:
  5. I hope that they surprise uss all, and shut us all up. Let's hope that the album becomes a blast. but remember that we have a big part in helpin' the album becomin' a blast. so if it fails, its also our fault.
  6. So what... we have to wait a little more for the single, but otherwise the album is cimmin' out earlyer as expected. that great. Thx for typin' it out. :thumb:
  7. The video should hit us at any day. And the single will probably be released one week after the video. So it may take 2 weeks untill we all can buy it. Untill then we have many time to promote it. so let's go...
  8. Hitch is the name of the caracter Will is going to play. Alex "Hitch" Hitchens.
  9. Last First Kiss sounded defenetly better, but who knows. let's wait so see
  10. tks for tiping it out. thats great. we will have many more records from will. i hope so
  11. As soon as it is released in the US i'll buy it over the Internet. It should arrive before the single release in Europe. Let's hope so.
  12. That's great. tks for the list da brakes. there are some realy good videos in the list, such as WILD WILD WEST wich was a blast. so we can only hope that Switch will be even a bigger blast
  13. Iv'e cheked out you site again and i've noticed that you have made some changes. It's really gettin' better. Keep up the good work.
  14. So here's a lot of stuff to promote jj+FP new album. What are we waiting for. Great pics.
  15. Yeah man type it out. I've searched it all over the site, but i guess that the site is only there to sell the magazine, you can't read any article.
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