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  1. aceyalone mikah 9 lyrics born lateef self jupiter
  2. i have heard nothing but postivie things about this album, i loved mutations, liked all the others. i will have to get it i think-trex ps californication is a great chili pepper album
  3. Don but everyone just calls me trex
  4. anyone got a link to hear any of it?-trex
  5. whats up fatlip-fatlip the funniest video of all time
  6. if you guys haven't seen ray, you should check it, his performance is one of the best i have ever seen by any actor in any film he kills it. not til the last 5 minutes can you even tell it's him-trex
  7. i think it is terrible, and a shame on all involved that there will be no 2005 stanley cup champions, i think they have disgraced the game they all claim to love for something they obvioulsy love more which is money. it is a sad commentary on sports in my opinon-trex
  8. the fugees the score was on of the albums i went back and forth on for a while too. it is hard to narrow some thing that broad down to something that small-trex
  9. it will always be a thorn in my side that the laker did not win that title last year-trex
  10. 1-book of human language-aceyalone 2-all balls don't bounce-aceyalone 3-labcabincalifornia-pharcyde 4-bizarre ride II the pharcyde-pharcyde 5-lyrics born-later that day 6-resurrection-common sense 7-latyrx-latyrx 8-stakes is high-de la soul 9-low end theory-a tribe called quest 10-beneath the surface-various artists so the first 6 were easy for me but the last 4 could have been interchanged with about 30-40 other albums-trex
  11. is this all time or just what your bumping right now? hero, you got some of the best albums of all time on your list-trex
  12. indeed here's hoping it's the happiest!-trex
  13. just as a human to try and accept that your responsibility should just have fun and dance and don't think is enough to make me lose all respect for him. however i never had any respect for him to begin with. hip hop in my opinion is whatever you feel, and is certainly an open expression form. should marvin gaye have left social problems out of his music? what about bob marley? john lennon? didn't seem to hurt there record sales. i take issue with anyone who thinks we should not worry about politics and just worry about getting money. politics is what governs all of us.-trex
  14. does anyone know how to extract just the audio off of a dvd into like an mp3 format or even wav? i got some dvd's like portishead that has songs on the dvd that aren't on the cd, or alt versions like johnny cash's hurt that has added parts. any help is greatfully appreciated. trex
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