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  1. Thats some good lyrics. you should open your books a little bit more to us
  2. It was not that bad. It was a little bit different, but still a good album. he just tried out something new.
  3. Thats great. Well i think that he deserves it. the effects are really great.
  4. Of course. Thanks in advance :kekeke: :thumb:
  5. Well i haven' seen it , but it looks.. mmmhhhh ok :kekeke:
  6. signed up now. and i'm not leaving this board for nothing, i'lll just have to find a way to manage being active in both
  7. Well lets hope that hell performs there. but iim gonna watch ot for shure. the 19th it is
  8. I don't know if i like the part of beeing there a special dance, but it sounds good of hearing will throughout holliday
  9. Thanks for postin it. I like the part "and at 36, he's become a king of the movies."
  10. Thats great. I've never counted them but i belive you. :rock:
  11. For real...but we can also expect more haters on the board!! That's how it always goes!! But i'm ready to get at them... :ali: Yeah let them come. We've been through "bad" times while waiting, and we ddefinalty gonna stay together in good times. So Bring it on...
  12. I just cant wait to get the DVD. This is going to be some long long nights watching it over and over :switch:
  13. Last night i watched some old FPOBA episodes from the first season, just to remember, and i fell of the chair laughing. These episodes are "stupid"; "dope"; "def". :kekeke: It was just great. The first episode is one of my favourites.
  14. sure sure Julie! :kekeke: I think the song is cool, although Bart Simpson's voice gets on your nerveus after a while!! :werd:
  15. :werd: but he could do a little dance with kevin James like in the Trailer. That would be Hilarious. :laugh2:
  16. Thanks 4 the info. I just hope that this time there will be no delays.
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