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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. you can find some of the old versions of the site @ http://web.archive.org look up http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com & http://www.eisa.net.au/~matpr Thats called evolution and it looks great. good work Tim
  2. Thats great news. Very Great New. Thanks 4 the post. :clap:
  3. Just dropped by to wish a happy B-DAY to The Magnificent.
  4. ..., but i can't be around tomorrow and i don't wanna miss the opurtunity to congratulate Jeff and to thank him for all the joy he has brought us :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:
  5. As a matter a fact will said once that he probably has seen more people beeing killed than any other, but he choose not to talk about it. He preferes to talk about more positive stuff and things that everyone can relate to. He raps for everyone. And the ones that say that JJFP don't know what it is to live a hard life, don't know notin' about them. Each person does his one thing, and this is good so.
  6. Well, even though i don't understand the lyrics, it sounds good.
  7. :werd: ok they are workin; sorry, i was in a bit hurry.
  8. Bad Boys 5 Men in Black 4 Enemy of the State 5 I Robot 5 Bad Boys II 4 Independence Day 4 Wild Wild West 2 Made in America 3 Ali 5 The Legend of Bagger Vance 4 Shark Tale 4 Men in Black II 3 Where the Day Takes You; haven't seen Jersey Girl; haven't seen Six Degrees of Separation; haven't seen
  9. Man this is bad. here in Portugal it only comes out late March (24th March). :scared2:
  10. I can't download it. The links don't seem to be workin'.
  11. Yeah, thank your grandmother and thanks to you for "jumping" so fast.
  12. since i'm kinda new aroud here i'l congratulate "you" instead ou "us". But 10 years is a lot . Congrats
  13. YEAH... A little bit like Michael Schumacher, he gave 7 million to the Victims... And i've heard that Sandra Bullock gave 5 million... But i'm pretty sure that he will do something to help these people
  14. I' think i'm gonna spend midnight at home listening to some good music. better then goin out with peolple i just dont like. or i'm gonna have some fun metting some new ppl. :rock: :scared2:
  15. I think they should join a race to find out who's the best. :kekeke:
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