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  1. Lol. ITS all good. I def. would NOT want Will to misread what I was saying. I am not a famous model so I am not used to attention like that. That's all. Now that I look at it I was probably just trippin. thanks for the imput peeps!
  2. no, I wish I was a famous model. But I will be a famous actress one day! Yeah maybe you are right. I am def. not trying to give Will a bad name. He was very nice on the contrary. It just shocked me thats all. Its like he wouldn't stop staring so it made me feel bad b/c I had to look uninterested and there were things said but thats not important. maybe he was just admiring my beauty but it did make me feel uncomfortable.
  3. well, its all up to editing you know. Paul (dir) did alot of coverage so he did the same shot with Melissa Ford (well known video model)as well. I'm wearing a gold dress so you'll know it was me or not. Melissa is in front of a bentley.
  4. after so long u start to forget lyrics. IN VIDEO:In this part of song will is trying to get me to dance and I don't want to because I play a girl that thinks she's too cute to get sweaty.haha. (chorus) SWITCH clap clap clap clap SWITCH clap clap clap clap (ladies sing) ooh la la la la (breakdown beat slows down) Oh what, you think u too cute to dance? (rhythm speeds up really fast...remix beat or something) points to me... i finally start dancing. thats what I'm talkin' bout do that dance that's what i'm talkin' bout do that dance HOPE THAT was somewhat informative.
  5. I'm wearing a gold dress in the video. dancing with will and sitting next to jada. If they don't edit me out look out for me in the video. thanx.
  6. awwh. thanx ice. I guess I didn't think of it like that. They initially called me to do the video and I was down for it but some drama happened with pay so I wasn't gonna do it. I really enjoyed meeting Will though. I wish I would have given him my card b/c I want to pursue films.... not videos. I could tell he was into me because he kept staring at me the WHOLE time and wouldn't stop. It was like secret flirting. It was kinda weird b/c JADA was there but I prob should have been a little more aggressive in terms of the business opp.
  7. it was a closed set so very limited in guests. I love will smith but not very familiar with his music partner DJ jazzy jeff so I wouldn't know what he looks like. He might have been there. in one scene his friend was sitting next to him (I thought this was Omar his A&R though)All of his peeps were there. I met his producers . Jada was there. I didn't see his kids. uumm. looked like his whole entourage was there. Is he still close to Jazzy jeff? I thought that was fp of bel air days?
  8. the video was shot at a real club in hollywood. I can't remeber the name. Everything is all white on the inside though and it is outdoors. very classy. there was another location in downtown LA 1st day which is supposed to resemble a loft or club as well. People playing pool, hanging out, and then dancers (4 girls) start the SWITCH dance, everyone joins in.
  9. I auditioned but I already knew the director. I think that's why. Were you there too?
  10. yeah, the video was alot of fun. I really liked working with Will and Jada they were nice. I didn't talk to Jada much but I had to sit next to her in a scene. I had to dance with Will and that was FU NNNY! I wish I had more time with them. anyway more about the vid right? Well, it is basically a dance video where everyone does the same dance called SWITCh it is very will smith ...lol its cute though. Fatima did the choreography. lots of girls. but moreso lots of dancing. Will IS DANCING TOO!!! Haha how cute.Not too much but enough. I think Will is cool and I would love to work with again but next time in a movie acting not just in a video.
  11. We shot SWITCH video aug 13th and14th (I was one of the models). That is quite a while ago. My friend said they finished color correcting and editing so what's the deal? I am thinking that the video will air first because I have heard NOTHING about SWITCH on the radio. I know he's not under a label but DANG! WHAT is really the deal!?
  12. yeah. I was in the video as well. Its hard to explain. It reminds me of gettin jiggy wit it but better. It is very will smith. SWITCH is a dance that we all did in the video. Everybody in the video did the dance it is kinda like westside story. the song is basically very upbeat not too fast but not a slow song. The beat is pretty cool. any more q's? holla.
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