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  1. I am listening to the new Rakim album on myspace. Its incredible. http://music.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=music.artistalbums&artistid=13386940&albumid=14201538
  2. Damn....WOW!!! Are these original jazzy jeff productions?
  3. tight mix. this is going on my mp3 player
  4. See I heard that much later..so it was very old school sounding..and I was used to the newer albums.. I got homebase first. I got And in this Corner first and I didnt like the He's the Dj album album at first. I also didnt like part of homebase at first also.
  5. I do the same thing sometimes.
  6. I didnt like homebase at first because they were too much R&B sounding compared to And In THis Corner.
  7. I am suprised these songs are so high on the list: – 13 Here We Go Again198 – 14 Pump Up the Bass 168 15 Time to Chill 165 16 Human Video Game 154 – 17 As We Go 148 I would have expected to see moer songs off of the Homebase album.
  8. I want one of "and in this corner' because that is the album that got me hoooked on hip hop.
  9. Record sales are down big time for Hip Hop, but a lot of people are saying they like it. I got a copy.
  10. I have the US and Japan version.
  11. Hero1, Hip hop lives came out on May 22 here in the US. I have heard clips and it sounds real good. I am gonna buy it pretty soon.
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