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London Explosions....

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Not only the metro was hit but also some buses! This is crazy! I can't believe it! And yeah the news says that it's a terrorist attack!

EDIT: I just heard that the army is going to enter London! People have to stay in their homes! This is so sad!

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I'm watching the news they say 9ppl are dead n 90 ppl injured. It's so sad. Can't believe we live in a world that now u have 2 be on alert when u get on a train. :shakehead:

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This is terrible. six explosions on major London underground station. It is alleged to be the same goup of people involved with 9/11. Also three buses were exploded as well.

Tony Blair is on his way back now to gather information.

My prayers go out to all of the victims and their families involved

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My deepest and sincerest condolances for the UK and it's civilians.

When I heard this news I thought about the people on this board from london, hope everyone is well and everyone's family is well too.

When you get out to catch a train or bus or airplane, your just not safe anymore, and this is a big fear, to fear for something that isn't to be seen.

Again my condolances to the victims, may the fatalities rest in peace :shakehead: :sigh:

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Thats ashame and so sad that terrorists even exist...

I wander if it has anything to do with the announcement of the Olympics in London???

Condolensces to all the injured and innocent ppl...



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