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  1. well the link i had was hell sketchy, i ended up missing half of nas's verse cz of the dj
  2. i reckon ccz kanye is more mainstream than will atm.
  3. homebase for me.... its ef cz of the flow and the vibe of the album
  4. contact music are a terrible source imo
  5. i found scary movie 3 pretty lame but ill check this
  6. best lyricist: nas or BIG i think
  7. wow every1 seems to have myspace lol
  8. Go Australia I think we might do ok at this world cup
  9. i also cant find season 2 on dvd i am from australia and i cant find season 2 on dvd yet? i have got season 1 tho
  10. well despite all the criticism here how awesome does that look !
  11. im going with 8 only cz i was diddappointed with 3rd verse.
  12. yep i never lost faith cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. naa i gotta say this dre produced beat is extremely good prob 1 of my top 5 beats of the year and agreed that 50 spits nothin great as usual lately.
  14. so wait diamonds from sierra-leone isnt on the album? (non- remix) cant be rite. so far im a lil dissappointed with wat ive heard (gold digger and diamonds remix) but cant wait.
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