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  1. Time to merge all the subforums (or just reduce it to two, JJFP and Off-topic) now Tim... Instead of five or six inactive subforums I think it could result in one slightly active forum.
  2. Indeed he should make some new music but I prefer if he leaves his weird family out of it and go play with Jeff instead.
  3. Meanwhile Chris Rock will be back next year with a very funny monologue about Bruce Willis...
  4. This is obviously factually wrong... As for his movies and shows no one else seems to be watching them either so welcome to the club.
  5. Yup media etc milking this story more than Switch was milked back in 2005...
  6. The line between the golden triangle of Interesting, Weird and Completely Effing Dumb is a fine one...
  7. I wonder at what point they asked him to leave, immediatly or after the whole thing but before the party? I mean if they really wanted to throw him out its not like they couldnt have done it, they probably have quite a few armed guards and ****. Anyway, I seriously doubt he'll be expelled from Hollywood (maybe from future Academy Awards howeveer) and quite a few actors has shown support for him... but expelled from Hollywood, I think you are quite off target if you think morale reasons would stand above possibly earning a couple of hundred million dollars from his movies, its not like Hollywood has excellent track record when it comes to this... wifebeaters, paedos, murderers and whatnot in every corner of the film industry... Mel Gibson bashing jews for years but as soon as he wants to do Lethal Weapon 5 and make a few hundred million bucks for Warner Bros: "welcome back!"
  8. "Using Will's mental breakdown"? She was the one who got mocked in front of millions of people! Out of the three involved, she - if anyone - has all the right to say whatever she wants through whatever meda she wants to tell it, because she was the victim in this case.
  9. Is the truth that simple though? I bet that he, like everyone, has always had his demons and struggles, we really just never got to see it. To me he behaves like pretty much any 50+ bloke who came late to the Internet/social media party: oversharing, publicly expressing things that soon were percieved as weird... I remember the first years after 2008 when Facebook really became popular: people talking openly about their love issues, people posting all kinds of ugly pictures from parties and whatnot, but after a year or two or three the vast majority of us learned - as a society and as individuals - the cost of this openness. I think Will missed out on that whole thing and is now learning it the painful way... along with obscene numbers of other late-to-the-party oldies who are posting all kinds of embarrasing **** everywhere.
  10. Disgraced and disrespected... I mean the Academy Award people are obviously furious with him in public but in reality they love it. No one watches the Academy Awards these days, main reason being that it is dull as dishwater. There's nothing to disrespect really... and it will all be forgotten in a year or two. People are making a meal out of this minute of fury; I'm fairly sure Chris and Will shook hands and moved on not long after the show. The whole thing is shrug worthy really. Was a heated moment, bit of a dumb slap, no one got injured, life goes on. As for reputation... do you think a bad reputation or bad behaviour stops any artist from being popular? That has never been the case. What on earth indicates that doing dumb stuff would make you any less respected as an artist? The Travis Scott bloke watched his fans died, shrugged and... what happened? Probably sold more of his ****e music than ever before. And dont get me started on that Kanye bloke. I also find the whole "no he shouldnt be doing music, he should be taking care of his mental health". Why are those opposites if he loves music? What is he going to do in order to feel better - stare into a wall? Not sure it is particularly efficient. He should do what he loves, whatever that is.
  11. Might be coming a longer video on the topic. We're accustomed to everything happening within five minutes these days... for no good reason. If it is like Puff Daddy or Piff Diddy - or whatever his name is - says, that they made up, then the vultures (us and the media) should just go take a chill pill because Will and Chris really dont owe us anything... Will/Jada were hurt by words, Chris by a slap, for us it was harmless.
  12. I dunno, maybe he should go into something slightly calmer... Watercolor painting maybe?
  13. I disagree. Chris Rock made a joke about a medical decision that Jada might be sensitive about and Will showed empathy. Chris Rock deserved to be slapped. If anything, this made me regain some respect for him. As long as I dont have to watch any of his movies, I wish him the best.
  14. Bit out of balance? Obviously. But having thought about this... if my (highly hypothetical..) wife has a medical condition she is sensitive about and some clown makes a joke about it in front of millions of people, it is sort of your duty as the husband to go slap that worn out comedian in the face. Was it clever? Not particularly... but entirely understandable. This slap was a better decision than his last dozen movies or so.
  15. First good track in 15 years, really like it. Hope he keeps it up!
  16. Hmm... At some point enough is enough.
  17. Its probably going to remain pretty dead... most boards are (except the ones about sport). But if Will were to announce a new album I could easily see how there would be massive activity for a few months. That would be fun, despite Will's releases the last two years have been pretty... ****.
  18. I doubt there will be any more full length albums but I do hope we get at least a bit more in the 2020s. Also, some of these tracks, like Get Lit (truly awful) are facepalm levels of bad while the latino ****, personally, dont really do it for me. I'd swap all the music the last ten years for one good, Jeff-produced FP track.
  19. Yes. There is a list. Google it. And no, no JJFP, but LL Cool J on third place though. Cant take anyone who lists The Sugarhill Gang seriously though.
  20. Random stuff! I hope we get a really clear and nice video from it. Guessing it will be a lot of the "super hits" since its abroad but cant really complain about anything at this point.
  21. Its just not gonna happen. Might get a song or verse or show here and there, but Will Smith/JJFP is never going to release another album.
  22. I have a bad feeling they are going to take this excellent concept/idea and destrpy it by letting the second half of it becoming some Michael Bay action fiesta. I've seen it so many times in Hollywood. I hope not though as it look interesting.
  23. I think he worries about alienating the crowd he performs in front of. Most of the times Will or JJFP play live nowadays, they do it in front of people who came to see multiple acts or dont really have a deep connection to hiphop or JJFP. They want the "Gettin Jiggy Wit It" **** and Will probably feels it would be weird to leave those famous songs out. I do agree though. Will's time as a super-super-celeb is behind him, he has nothing to prove, and he should focus more on what he likes rather than what people wants.
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