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  1. First good track in 15 years, really like it. Hope he keeps it up!
  2. Hmm... At some point enough is enough.
  3. Its probably going to remain pretty dead... most boards are (except the ones about sport). But if Will were to announce a new album I could easily see how there would be massive activity for a few months. That would be fun, despite Will's releases the last two years have been pretty... ****.
  4. I doubt there will be any more full length albums but I do hope we get at least a bit more in the 2020s. Also, some of these tracks, like Get Lit (truly awful) are facepalm levels of bad while the latino ****, personally, dont really do it for me. I'd swap all the music the last ten years for one good, Jeff-produced FP track.
  5. Yes. There is a list. Google it. And no, no JJFP, but LL Cool J on third place though. Cant take anyone who lists The Sugarhill Gang seriously though.
  6. Random stuff! I hope we get a really clear and nice video from it. Guessing it will be a lot of the "super hits" since its abroad but cant really complain about anything at this point.
  7. Its just not gonna happen. Might get a song or verse or show here and there, but Will Smith/JJFP is never going to release another album.
  8. I have a bad feeling they are going to take this excellent concept/idea and destrpy it by letting the second half of it becoming some Michael Bay action fiesta. I've seen it so many times in Hollywood. I hope not though as it look interesting.
  9. I think he worries about alienating the crowd he performs in front of. Most of the times Will or JJFP play live nowadays, they do it in front of people who came to see multiple acts or dont really have a deep connection to hiphop or JJFP. They want the "Gettin Jiggy Wit It" **** and Will probably feels it would be weird to leave those famous songs out. I do agree though. Will's time as a super-super-celeb is behind him, he has nothing to prove, and he should focus more on what he likes rather than what people wants.
  10. I like the beat and the song is.. okay.. but is there any way to edit out this Khaled person?
  11. Like it. Not like I'm gonna play it all day everyday but is a cute little track. Great to see something finally happening.
  12. Should be a great role for him tbh, actually looking forward to it.
  13. It was always a bad idea making this movie and it seems the producers has made some realisation that its far from a safe commercial success as well, so they fill it with bad rappers to secure the Adidas wearing wannabe-gangster audience. Its going to be bad, but when did Will do his latest wise career move..? A very long time ago.
  14. If we talk mere stardom, its not happening. He wont reach those heights, neither will anyone else 50+ and possibly no-one in general since in the 90's one good album or one good movie could still make you a superstar for 2-3 years without making any efforts. I think its safe to say that - maybe aside from a few lunatics (Kanye) and girl favorites (Rihanna etc) - no one will reach the global and pretty longlasting stardom of actors like Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis etc. or artists like Will, Eminem, Spice Girls etc. Speaking quality wise, Will could not possibly do worse in the next years than in the last ten years. But Hollywood is still in this "special effects over substance"-phase that has been dragging on for very long now. As long as this is the case, quality is bound to be generally pretty bad. And it could last a while with the old Jurassic Park still looking better than The Hobbitt/Avatar etc...
  15. Excellent, dear Nancy! Now on to some Reddit comments... " Something is fishy here. The “VHS”/old tape artifacts are completely faked on this video. Video tape audio is fm modulated and doesn’t hiss until the tape gets nearly unwatchable. Likewise tracking problems do not introduce issues with vertical hold. Problems that do occur on poorly preserved consumer tape such as wah and flutter and loss of tracking are not present and inconsistent with the chroma errors that are seen. This recording was sourced from a very high quality master and then artificially degraded. I have seen much better fake tape effects in vaporwave videos. The question is why? Edit: omg the two second golden girls cut is just flies on this steaming pile of ****" "The beginning title has tape hiss and the same crappy editing over it, but obviously the video didn't air on tv that way with that long title card. If it was a home recording from MTV it would have the typical credits overlay over the beginning and end of the video in the bottom left corner. If the blue title screen was part of the production copy, you'd think they would have deleted that before releasing it to the public if the editing job was an effort to cover up the source material. Whole thing makes no sense." "I work for a company that digitizes VHS tapes (amongst other things) and I thought the tracking issues looked forced rather than authentic. On old VHS tapes with bad tracking the picture quality is way worse than this and way more glitchy looking. I don't think I'm adequately describing what it looks like but having watched thousands of hours of old VHS tapes I can tell you it doesn't ever look like this." So mr Townes/Smith/lawyer of Smith or Townes, couldnt you maybe leak... the other version... to someone in here, like Hero1? Regardless: THANK YOU VERY MUCH! We have been looking for years!
  16. Deserves its own topic, dont you think? Anyway: interestingly a lot of tech people say that this is actually artificially degraded to look like a VHS copy while in reality it is a high quality master tape. Someone has made it look worse in order to avoid being sued. Would be nice if anyone who has a lot of JJFP videos on their tube could PM the uploader and perhaps ask for the better version.
  17. Is that good or bad? Not gonna hear the song, no way I listen to any latino pop collaboration bull**** with or without Will. Bad Bunny, that the guy from Looney Tunes or the guy from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Either way, **** him, as Will would say these days. Its fun to see Will obviously being a lot more into music, or at least "music", then a few years ago but I cant imagine how it can be so hard to just move that rock he put Jazzy Jeff under and actually do something even vaguely unique. But ye, also hoping for an album soon. Maybe some kind of pop-latino-EDM album called "Lost & Found and then Lost again, now somewhere in Bolivia".
  18. Celebrated by hearing all the albums again. Was a while ago. Still great stuff. Eternally great. Lost & Found didnt age that well though lol. Whoever wrote Wills lyrics did a good job but the production is sloppy at best and sounds very stuck in 2005. The rest though... been listening on a lot of JJFP the last few years but very little from Wills solo stuff. Big Willie Style is just so insanely good, every single track.
  19. http://mentalfloss.com/article/505609/time-freddy-krueger-became-nightmare-will-smith “It is in this month that many individuals will make their decision whether Nightmare IV is a film that they are interested in viewing,” wrote Ward in his decision. “Thus, the telecast of the lower quality DJ Jazzy Jeff video with the somewhat silly and less frightening Freddy could dissuade an unspecified number of individuals from seeing the film.” The injunction was granted, with a full hearing to be held at a later date. That didn’t happen—both parties settled out of court. While the song remained on the record, it began to ship with a disclaimer that it wasn’t associated with New Line; the video, which had aired only briefly on MTV, was pulled, and the court ordered that all copies be destroyed." Nothing new I guess but the last line is interesting because that would mean that its still not "safe" to release the video even if someone got a copy of it (which we certainly do believe, right?) as it was not only pulled but ordered destroyed. I still have a feeling we'll see it one day... remember how it took many years before the "The Things That U Do" video resurfaced?
  20. Sure, I fully expect them to perform at least two more times over the next decade. In about 2026 or so I also fully expect a new rap verse and perhaps a new remix of Summertime.
  21. Five years later its obviously time again. I NEED THIS. Back in 05', when there was a topic about the best JJFP performance, more or less everyone went for this. The video's are not interesting as I think only Switch and Summertime was broadcast, but the audio of this set is... I NEED THIS. They were both on fire that night but Jeff was JUST INSANE and I find myself thinking about this performance a couple of times every year. It cant be lost forever, someone needs to have it :(
  22. Cursing is not a problem, it wont scare off his fanbase because his fanbase is about 30-40 years old and capable of dealing with a bit of cursing. As long as he doesnt go down the "I smoke crack everyday with my hoes and bitches while having gold in my mouth"-path its all good. I think his career will survive (well, not die more) a "**** Donald Trump" everyone now and then.
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