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  1. I dont like your stereotyping, i like rock and metal thankyou very much but dont dress like you seem to think i do.
  2. Fantastic song, one of my faves. great sample use.
  3. i and my parents like most of those songs, the list is hilariously dumb.
  4. I like the singles, but have no albums. I need to have a look and buy some.
  5. I know you cant expect everybody to like them, but their really are a few closeminded people out there. And "fake", they should be bothering to listen before judging.
  6. 2 turntables and a mic(rophone) has now reminded me i need to listen to "where it's at" by Beck. heh
  7. Atleast he's broadening his mind to more open music. The only metal music i can stand is Black Sabbath and a few others.
  8. Me, Sharon Stone & Angelina would be great together. hehe
  9. no, but it was going to be revelead in the last episode if they ever made one, along with what happend to his parents.
  10. We never got salute your shorts. my favourite was Hey Arnold though, they didnt ever make a last episode/movie of anything and i would have found out everything i needed to. heh
  11. Nevermind was a good album, their cover of David Bowie's "Man Who Sold The World" is fantastic. Apart from that they are one of the most overated groups ever, but i guess you cant deny their importance.
  12. He did a nice cover of the beatles "come together" live, thats the only thing ive really liked i think.
  13. Anyone watching the news, it's bloody scary. My dad was going into central london at the time and it all came to a standstill, everything was cornered off so he had to go back out. I think the news says it's a terrorist attack. :sigh:
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