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  1. well, then they didn't need that long, must be hard work...
  2. They are already done with filming?! damn. Then they have a lot of time for the post production if they really want to release the movie a little before Oscar time. For how long did they shoot? Didn't they just start in September?
  3. I thought it was for sure that Tell Me Why will be released as a single? I read something like that at VH1.com. It would make me sad if it doesn't...
  4. I haven't heard the song and the article was rude about the bloodhound gang, so I thought they meant it seriously. I was wondering about the band, because I liked them. Even better that they make fun of Eminem
  5. I just read that Will is dissed again. The Bloodhound follows Emimem's words. In the intro to their new album "Hefty fine" singer Jimmy Pop disses Will with the words F*** off. Why do they always have to diss Will?! I don't get it, don't they have better things to do. They got a bad review for the album though. That's a little comforting!
  6. I heard it the second I came home. Couldn't believe what it. I heard too that some injured people aren't in good condition. I hope they get well soon and that no more people have to die!
  7. sorry i forgot to log in. Could you post the pic again please?
  8. At gettyimages already some pics of Will @ Live 8 are online. Check it out!
  9. Same here Tim. It wasn't live here though, just a summary of all the concerts, but they didn't show Summertime as well :thatsux:
  10. Wooho! I can't believe that it is coming out Ocotober already! That means in Germany we won't have to wait so long too. gotta save up some money
  11. i just read that in Germany the channel PHOENIX is going to show the LIve 8 concert. Saturday, July 2nd at 2 pm. They start with the concert in Berlin and then show what is going on in UK etc. they will show the highlights
  12. C'mon you guys really think none of the up to 30 LPs you posted has at least one average track!? The only album I could give the predicate "flawless" is: Söhne Mannheims - NOIZ (and eventually both Avril Lavigne albums)
  13. When AJ wrote the Black Eyed Peas I was like :scared07: ! I mean, perhaps the know how to rock the crowd, but musically it's just bullsh!t. Dancing good, singing baaad! :thumbsdown: I go for: Xavier Naidoo JJFP Alicia Keys
  14. is that for sure man cuz i got DW,SAT 1,PRO 7,RTL this is wack damn :arg: :mad: :uhh: ← It is 90% for sure as far as I could read it in an offical article. I feel sorry for you, if it is really aired on ARD and you don't have that channel
  15. I just know that probably ARD is going to show Live8 in Germany. Other channels wanted the rights to air it, but they got refusals.
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