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  1. Those that know me, know I don't follow Will as much nowadays. When I saw the trailers and ads for the movie I was like "damn, Will's coming out with another one?" What caught me was this movie was about a new kind of superhero and the special effects. I went to go see it the night before it came out in the theater. It wasn't packed but the theater was filled well. I enjoyed the first half of the movie a lot. I came into it with no expectations except trying to see a good movie with a friend and nothing else to do that night. The opening of the movie catches your attention... I liked Will playing a scruffy drunken looking character, it was funny. was one of the better lines in the movie. The second half of the movie was where you really get to know Hancock and what his story is about, which for me was not the best part. As AJ said, the story line is a bit bizarre and I wasn't feeling it quite as much. To be honest, I was more captured by the super hero powers and attitude of Hancock than his bizarre story. Since I went into it with no expectations, I really did enjoy the movie and would love to see it again. I give it a 8/10. Until next time y'all P.S. Happy 4th of July!
  2. Uh.... you might wanna revise that. First place in their division with 9 straight wins? I'd say they're contending quite well. I know things have changed since 3 weeks ago but they were still a contender back then too. And yes as a GSW fan I'm excited at the signing of Webber. We need some toughness on D and I think a veteran like Webber can help us with aspects like that.
  3. I was on a posting Hiatus myself this past fall. I'm in my second year of community college Wes, working, doin the gym thing, playing hockey and trying to have somewhat of a social life. Glad to see you poppin in here every now and then. Hope you did great on finals bro and life is good for you. haha actually i did pretty crappy on finals man and its only my first semester. im messing up right now but i dont have much of an interest in education anymore. good to hear ur doin good man stick to that hockey. i probably wont be here much at all the only reason im on right now is i just had oral surgery to remove my wisdom teeth and im bored as hell recovering at home. cya man take it easy
  4. im finally glad to be a golden state warriors fan. we're doing big things this year. watch out for the warriors in 08 they're finally gonna be a force in a western conf.
  5. too bad the beat sucked... i was looking forward to it and the lyrics are good but it just isnt quite as good as in years past
  6. glad im not the only one to be MIA lately. how u been man? im doin the college thing too. Jim: whats up with u bro? hope all is well.
  7. nice im gonna be looking forward to this. X is one of the dopest rappers whether on the serious or spiritual tip. my parents will enjoy the gospel album too.
  8. trying to become an engineer because i like it. more specifically an electrical engineer. however, the first two years of college are general education, so its all english and math classes... not a whole lot to do with engineering. not sure what kind of change i want yet. i think i'll find it if i move out of the house and get my own place with someone. problem is i dont make enough money or have very good spending habits.
  9. Down not so much. Im in a crappy mood right now, unfortunately. Just that life is the same ol boring stuff everyday. I want a change. I think im afraid of change though. Other than that ive been having a lot of fun in life as well so i cant complain too much.
  10. I just wanted to come through to the JJFP family and wish y'all happy holidays. I did a lot of growing up here, no doubt, just wanted to thank everyone who helped me out on this forum So whats new with me? well, i finished my first semester in college. college isnt all its cracked up to be though.... i hate it. still trying to figure out what i want to do with my life. trying to find out who i am as an adult and its hard. well, on the JJFP side of things, i dont listen to any of it anymore. to be honest, i loved JJFP and will smith growing up, but now its almost like im too mature for it. i listen to so many different rap artists now... i just dont long for JJFP anymore. its hard to explain. Jeff's newest album is off the chain tho... props to him for releasing that. doesnt look like im missing a whole lot here... it seems like the board is pretty dead. if anyone is wondering why i dont post/visit anymore heres the deal. my life is busy, as im sure most peoples is, but on my free time i'd much rather do something than sit in front of a computer and read internet forums. thats just me though. shout out to all the memories i had on this forum. holla at me if you guys have any questions/comments. what's everyone doing for christmas/new years?! i get to have my 4 wisdom teeth pulled out on new year's eve... its gonna be a lot of fun :paperbag:
  11. the song is just a bit corny. Akon is nothing special to me. its a good effort and i respect the fact that Bone is growing up and sharing a different view of the situation. but there were better songs on the album back to Bone biting FF. did they also copy the part of singing in harmony? or just spitting fast flows? cuz the harmony is a huge part of what makes them work and if they didnt copy that then i dont think you really have a case cuz there are other fast rappers. i guess Twista coulda bit FF then huh? lol no j/k but seriously i've been listening to nothing but Bone for 2 straight weeks in my car lately and they are my favorite group right now thats why i kinda take heart to the accusation.
  12. yeah my initial response was exactly what AJ's is. their flows are definitely creative. you might say that their flows derived or were influenced by them but i think you would be hard pressed to say that Bizzy and Krayzie's flow from 2000 was a direct copy of FF. they definitely found their style and have earned respect in the rap game. the dude who wrote that article sounded way more bitter and a hater than anything. but i can only say this having little knowledge of FF. i will have to find some samples
  13. i'm trying to cop it. i wanted a preview of it first but havent been able to find one. regardless i know pharoahe will bring it. i just need to get my ass to the record store.
  14. how do you define style. are you saying they copied their way of flowing and writing lyrics. from what i have heard of freestyle fellowship (which is very little) they wrote more about having fun and old school hiphop not growing up in the ghetto. i have never heard that story by the way. if it is true i wonder why no1 else knows about it. regardless, bone thugs is more popular than freestyle fellowship so i guess they did something right. regardless everyone of the members of BNTH is proven and still goin in the game. nobody in todays rap game can compare with the flow and lyrics of Krayzie Bone on the mic.
  15. no no no they are not a rip off of anybody. Bone has been holdin it down since before a lot of these cats came into the game. i don't really like I Tried that much but its better than all the singles out there now. This effort by them is a good one, but they will never capture the same atomosphere they had back in 94-97. Bone is classic. they have always kept it real. they are growing up a little bit now. nobody can ever front on Thuggish Ruggish or East 1999. they have been holdin Cleveland down on the map for years and i take offense when someone says they are a rip off of anyone else.
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