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    You know, the usual stuff. <br /><br />Hey, I'm a human being too, so what else did you expect.

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  1. So wait, you mean the Barbie I was playing with is not an action figure?
  2. I wonder who would play with the cigar then. :lolsign:
  3. Aah, but the other two in the stickies were totally a different story. :lolsign: Anywho, let's just hope Party Starter video gets released as soon as possible. :dope:
  4. I can just imagine the next day newspaper headlines, "marijuana made legal by Mr. Doggfather due to the health interest of the people of America". :lol:
  5. That is like the third post in 2 days I saw you edit and add certain lines to start a fire. You just LOVE to provoke a certain individual, don't you? :3-laugh3:
  6. In the past so many months that I have visited this forum, I have never ever seen Timothy act this way. WOW WOW WOW! The wait for Party Starter can actually turn the strongest of the strong into a Loretta. DAMN! :mygod:
  7. That article was excellent. :dope: But in reality, gangsta rap is also really entertaining and whatever said and done, the thug image is very much appealing to me. And I certainly don't mind buying a Shady wear or a Reebok G-Unit wear because it kind of gives the fans a closeness to the artist they love. But then again, it's only my opinion. :thatspdiddybad:
  8. Hey Justice, the sound is addictive, isn't it? But then again, you hate 50. I have a nice easy solution for you. Just watch the video for the track. It's AMAZING!!!! Such a wonderful laidback video, you'll start to love 50 Cent with that track for certain. Infact, 50 actually looks very handsome with the almost shaven look in the video. Go check it out and then listen to the song like 50 times continuosly. :dope:
  9. I would like to nominate myself to get the vacant "Premium Potnas" title after Ben Dover gets banned.
  10. Nice find. Summertime is not bad at all.
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