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    JJ+FP<br /><br />And the football (Soccer) team FC Copenhagen.

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  1. Outlandish - Warrior/Worrier (2012) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omyx49oyuG0
  2. Long time since I was last on here. Nice to be back. Here is a little news from the twitter world. KSmith has written on Twitter today: "MEETING AT 12:30 WITH BIG WILLIE...." and MyGuyMars has retweeted it, and written "we on" .
  3. Big shock :'( R.I.P. Michael Jackson, the king of pop.
  4. I love this song.. funny lyrics and great beat :) It's all ready a big number one hit here in Denmark. Back to the 80's is one of three new songs on a greatest hits album.
  5. great track Da Brakes. Im listening to it all day long.. keep up the good work! :)
  6. Aqua - Barbie Girl Wow.. they had a comeback tour here in denmark. And it was amazing!
  7. happy birthday Julie... I hope u had a good day :)
  8. Wow... what a movie! And Heath Ledgers performence in outstanding... I had goosey all over my body afterwards! 6 out of 6 stars!
  9. Enrique Iglesias - Can you hear me (uefa remix) This song is growing on me.
  10. Nice pic! The guy at the very left looks like one of my friends! :D haha.. really? :D
  11. here is one of me and my friends in Barcelona! Im the one with the white t-shirt and grey hat :)
  12. Congratulation to Spain.. 44 years did they have to wait, and now they got a well deserved victory! Viva España!
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