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2006, now 2007...

Jonny 5

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-met Sam & Angel from the boards

-graduated high school aka 4 years of hell

-got a myspace and now can be in contact with one of my childhood friends

-started playing bass

-started college

-met a bunch of new people

-finally dating someone cool and worth the effort

-getting an upright bass (the kind used in orchestras) sometime in January, but it was "given to me" on x-mas

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- went to Miami and the Caribbean........twice!

- met Jeff and Skillz

- graduated from University with a 2:1

- got asked to support Cherish at a Luton gig

- gained a few contacts which should prove useful in the future

- got a part in a theatre production

- started writing and recording my first mixtape

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-Got high speed internet, totally messed up my life.

-Got some crappy grades (see above).

-Started going out with this girl I was best freinds with for a while.

-She moved overseas...not a pleasant experence for me.

-Started writing a book...

-Wrote a few lyrics

-Got a brand new ipod!!! 80 GB - video and all!

-Got my grades up...put in some effort.

-Discovered some great music.

-Contributed more to the forum...

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got my exam

got an mp3 player

went to germany, italy and austria a couple of times

refused to drink anything and some anything altho sum of my friends wanted me to get wasted for sum parties

i dont drink or smoke either, not even coffee

i am however addicted to coke tho

pretty good year

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- On my way to take my drivers license.

- Saw Jay-Z in Paris.

- Started a blog about football(soccer) which now is the third biggest soccer-blog in sweden.

- Saw The Roots

- Saw John Legend

- My sister almost got killed in a car accident

- Celebrated my two year anniversary with my girl.

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- Realized i hate school and my grades are really slipping because of that

- Got a nice job that i still have with cool coworkers

- Got closer to my friends and started hanging out with them more

- Started preparing for college and got kinda scared of whats gonna happen in the future

- Met mary jane :bowdown:

- Celebrated my 18th birthday

- Got too busy with life to be able to contribute on this board very often :thumbdown:

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*moved to melbourne, my favourite city

*started new line of work

*got 7 year full time contract

*met cool new people

*dropped junk food and with it around 15 kgs (in two months)

*saw stacks of cool shows in melbourne(comedy,music,movies) and enjoyed company of family and friends

best year yet but 2007 will be better still, I can feel it!

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-Met JazzyJeff

-Became Division 6 runners up in my football league

-Graduated from University

-Moved back to K-Town

-Got a Job at a Hotel

-Got my DJ Career back on track

-Ended the year on abit of a downer

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- Got too busy with life to be able to contribute on this board very often :thumbdown:

Yeah, we were just sayin the other day "That dude Wes forgot where he came from. He was born here and he's gonna die here."

:thumbsup: But really, if it's for the good of your life, then more power to you.

God Blessa!

haha whatever i've still made more posts than you!! :3-laugh3: i definitely will never forget this board but how long can one stay? am i gonna be here when im 35? who knows. i definitely appreciate the folks here and everything its just that you guys could all be fake for all i know, and real life is what matters the most. when it comes down to it, ive got a lot of stuff on my mind these days and JJ+FP isnt always the first and neither is spending all of my spare time here.

with that said, calm down everyone im not leaving! just summarizing a few thoughts

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  • Admin

you'll come back.. they all come back.. :1-say-yes: ]

but seriously its been kool watching you go from a 12 year old punk to a really kool young adult.. you know whats important in your life so more power to you :wickedwisdom:

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