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  1. I'm hesitant on this because I feel like he's been pulled back and forth a LOT over the last 10 years. He goes from one extreme to the other. He'll made an album of love songs, club songs, and then an album trying too hard to appeal to kids. If makes GOAT 2 in the same spirit of GOAT and represents himself as himself, it'll be quality.
  2. I remember making a thread reviewing the album. I can't believe it's been 9 years. I don't have any hopes for a new album at this point but I'd love for Will to surprise me. It would be so cool for him to drop his film career for 5 years and focus and exclusively on music during that time.
  3. I love the design, Tim. Great job. Listening to your Everything I Got video right now too.
  4. I found the mixtape cover on fb but no link to the actual mixtape itself. I shall find it though.
  5. Man, I've been wanting to get a video out bad. I actually filmed two attempts and wasn't happy with either one. And I'm not sure I'll be able to meet your deadline today. I just found out I was getting laid off next month so I've been looking for work. Great job to everyone that made a video though. I'm really upset that I wasn't able to be a part of it.
  6. Yeah, I think the music should be added in after the fact, that way it won't be some big mishmash of cut up songs and poor audio. It works well in Tim's though.
  7. Yeah, I don't really understand that part of the equation. For a time, it seemed like he was really moving in the direction of an album. I hope he promotes the hell out of this new mixtape. That's the only way it's gonna get close to the numbers he's looking for.
  8. Rest in peace, James. It's really sad to see you go. Thanks for the memories though. You've given us a lot of laughs.
  9. California is still sucking the final drops of 2013 juice.
  10. I just saw this on Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised to see him. I didn't see this thread so I didn't expect to see him at all. It was nice to see him in a comedy.
  11. I just saw this on Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised to see him. I didn't see this thread so I didn't expect to see him at all. It was nice to see him in a comedy.
  12. Bad Boys is the one franchise that I'd be excited to have Bay back on. If they're going to make this movie, they need to make it soon.
  13. He just always seemed like a very wise man. RIP Mandela.
  14. Not that I ever left you lovely people ;). Just wanted to drop this on your head today.
  15. Dope. I didn't expect this sort of thing to be on her show at all, granted I haven't actually seen it yet. I dig this smooth version of the song though.
  16. It was better than I expected but it also felt like it could have been so much more than it was.
  17. I don't think it did live up to his expectations, commercially. If it did, we probably would have gotten that Tell Me Why video. We might have had another album by now too.
  18. I dont even need to click the link to know it's probably Willywood. I miss seeing the energy and excitement of 2005 Will.
  19. Good point, Brakes. Will tends to stick to the songs he's performed a million times over. And any tour that happens will probably be extremely small compared to a tour following the release of a full album.
  20. Some of you guys are at concerts all the time. I can see why you'd want more of that. A lot of people haven't had that luxury though. I'd prefer to have 15 new songs to last forever vs. watching another tour never come close to me.
  21. I heard about this a few weeks ago. Is it definitely still happening? I love Kelsey Grammar and I'd like to see him land a show that sticks around a while again.
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