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  1. American Gangster is def better. Kingdome Come was good but not what you expected. If someone else than Jay would've done it would have gotten better reviews. Fallin' is an incredible track. No Hook and I Know are also wonderful.
  2. It' pretty obvious it's because of the holidays are over and people just don't buy as much albums at this period. And a 71% drop is still pretty good comparing it with Jay droppng 79% after his first week and now Bow Wow dropping 78%. I actually think Nas will do plat in a couple of months. Let there be light and Black Republicans should be released as singles. I think JT will do triple plat. Maybe even more. He's got alot of smash hits in that album. Jay will probably do 2x plat. He's releasing Kingdom Come as a third single and then probably Hollywood or Anything as fourth singles. That should push it to double plat. Robin Thicke is doing really good. Staying consistent and didn't do a big drop compared to the other artists.
  3. Link: http://www.zshare.net/audio/50ciphass6-mp3.html He talks about Oprah again. And then goes into rags to riches stories and says why Oprah hasn't brought up 50 cent or Ice Cube. Then he thinks a bit and says "well she brought Will to the show. But he's been away from hiphop so long that he was in another lane. But he's still a rapper."
  4. Man... and soon we got the oscar nominations coming up. Golde Globe Awards and more... How much is it gonna end up with? 130-170mill?
  5. I don't like PCD. There's alot better in that dance/pop/RnB genre then PCD.
  6. word to alot of it. and r.i.p James. But damn....is he losing his mind about that christ ****?
  7. Actually... I like Partystarter but looking at it now it would've been a better choice to relase Tell Me Why after Switch and then It you can't dance which featured Nicole from PCD who was just getting big. And then as a fourth single i would've either released partystarter or Pump ya breakz feat Snoop.... It really had it in it to go plat! But comparing it with todays albums it still did very good of basically one single. It had very strong legs, did 80k first week but still sold better than alot of albums coming out now selling 300k first week and then falling off.
  8. - On my way to take my drivers license. - Saw Jay-Z in Paris. - Started a blog about football(soccer) which now is the third biggest soccer-blog in sweden. - Saw The Roots - Saw John Legend - My sister almost got killed in a car accident - Celebrated my two year anniversary with my girl.
  9. I'm happy for Nas! Hopefully he'll do plat, but I doubt it. Akon gonna do atleast 2xplat, maybe 3x... Jay-Z goes up this week, but needs to drop Hollywood or Anything to go 2xplat.. Robin Thicke was a sleeper, but is waking up by now.. Jeezy gonna outsell game. Who the hell is still buyin those PCD albums?
  10. Yup! 100 mill is in it's reach! When are the oscar nominations announced?
  11. Lerkot: I can't even imagine how grumpy and bitter you're going to be when you're older.
  12. I'm with Hero1 on this one. Blunt Ashes, Let there be light and Can't forget about you are all wonderful. Alot of really great songs.
  13. I'mma come back with a longer list: Best Albums: Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liqour Nas - Hiphop Is Dead Ghostface - Fishscale Jay-Z - Kingdome Come Best songs: Lupe Fiasco - Daydreamin, American Terrorists, He Say & She Say, Kick Push II, The Emperors Soundtrack. Nas - Money over bull****, Blunt Ashes, Let there be light, Black Republicans, Can't Forget About You Jay-Z - The Prelude, Lost One, Minority Report, Beach Chair The Game - Why you hate the game, One Night, Ol' English I'll be back with more Ghostface, more songs from other albums and so.
  14. I can't lie... i've cried once and that was when Wills father came back and then left him again in FPOBA.
  15. wow, Janet did 400k? What happened after that?
  16. http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu...ogID=204560364 50 CENT vs. OPRAH - and the loser is... …Hip-Hop. Once again, we the true Hip-Hop nation have lost another round in the battle of "True Hip-Hop" vs. "The Modern Day Hip-Hop Image". Let me first say this, I, like most inner city *****z, can not and have not related to Oprah in many years. This makes me the last person to say that I am a fan of her show. So, with that thought in mind, I have nothing to lose or gain by watching or not watching Oprah. But, the truth is that Oprah has done more for the positive image of black people (black women in particular) than anyone we know. For twenty plus ****ing years she's been out there doing her thing and never once had, or asked for, the support of any artist, Hip-Hop or otherwise. Like her or hate her, she's just as black as me, you, Kunta Kinte or any other ***** who came out of Africa. Now, all of the sudden these rap *****z, who already sell more records than Jesus (to 90% white people) want to use The Oprah Winfrey Show to promote that bull**** that they pass off as Hip-Hop. Let's keep it real. 50 Cent sells a lot of records. He also writes some of the greatest hooks I've ever heard. For a few years he's been as hot as **** on the street and otherwise. But the reality is, 50 Cent sells dope. His image and everything he stands for says he's a dope dealing thug, and he wouldn't have it any other way. Plain and simple. So for him, Ludacris, Ice Cube or any other mother-****er in the business who thinks that putting Oprah on blast, and questioning her STREET CREDIBILITY, clearly shows that we as a people have lost our ****ing minds. What do you think a person that has over one billion dollars should do? Hang out with Shaquita and them and baby-sit her four kids in the projects? Or better yet, put a couple of million out on the street and double her money on the re-up? Or better yet, I got it, her and Martha Stewart can get together and rob a liquor store at gun point? Would you mother-****ers rather see her do some stupid **** like that? The bottom line is, when you have Oprah money, you do what you want to do. When I am in the streets of New York City, and I see the Vitamin Water adds on the buses, with pictures of 50 reading the newspaper and holding a poodle, not a pit-bull, but a ****ing poodle, do I think 50 sold out? Noooooooo. I think he's trying to sell Vitamin Water. To who? Anybody that would buy it. So he can do what? Hang out in the projects with Ray Ray drinking beer and holding his balls? Noooooooo. He's trying to get Oprah money, so he can do anything he wants to do, just like Oprah. Let's not get the game twisted. He's trying to force Oprah's hand to make Oprah help him promote some **** that she, and for that matter I, don't give a **** about. 50 Cent and Oprah live in two separate worlds. It should stay that way. They think two separate ways. And, it should stay that way. So for the media and grimey *****z to portray Oprah as a person who doesn't like Hip-Hop because she doesn't like negative ***** ****, has to be a low point in *****dom. Oprah represents, call it sell out or not, a person who has evolved and elevated herself to the highest point of society's elite. And, 50 Cent, call it what you want to call it, hell of an artist, great business man, but bottom line, it might hurt to hear it, is a dope dealing *****, who if he wore Oprah's shoes, would do the same thing Oprah does. And, so would me or you. So, in parting, if Oprah's selling out, let her. 'Cause Oprah, one day, could run for President, and 50 Cent, could run from the cops. -Mele "Damn, I'm not Stedman" Mel ............................. Jacked from IC.
  17. Turntable// Joe is independent? Didn't know that. The album is aight, but this is a sales thread... We can discuss the album quality in an other thread. Ted// Yeah Ur right about Banks, he's got skill, but is too damn narrow. ........................... But still, it's a big difference between the re-up and a clear cut album. And it's good numbers for that.
  18. 1 Ciara Evolution 338,447 999 612 339,062 <---- Wow! 2 Eminem Presents: Re-up Eminem 308,804 999 974 310,160 <---- Very good for a mixtape. 3 Stefani*gwen Sweet Escape 242,671 999 738 243,411 12 Akon Konvicted 118,202 7 110,327 676,702 <---- Going for plat. 13 Beyonce B'day 108,047 14 94,678 1,600,262 <---- Had strong legs. 15 Jay-z Kingdom Come 101,487 -27 139,933 923,158 <----- He still has "Anything" and "Hollywood" to release... 19 Fergie Dutchess 92,642 62 57,240 804,976 23 Timberlake*justin Futuresex 82,649 43 57,758 1,948,662 <---- Going three times plat? 24 Lil Scrappy Bred 2 Die Born 2 Live 82,159 999 245 82,405 <---- Another G-unit flop. 28 Snoop Dogg Blue Carpet 69,016 -24 90,338 424,107 <---- Needs a big hit. 38 Mayer*john Continuum 55,527 34 41,533 983,348 40 Aguilera*christina Back To Basics 50,328 31 38,456 1,057,776 42 Game Doctor's Advocate 49,164 -20 61,750 603,980 <----- "selling another five million, no you're not" 43 Legend*john Once Again 45,875 3 44,722 623,379 <----- Great album! 49 Furtado*nelly Loose 37,653 64 22,945 945,356 53 Tupac Pac's Life 34,983 -33 52,300 246,863 54 Ludacris Release Therapy 34,874 27 27,550 827,982 <---- Platinum watch. 64 Project Pat Crook By Da Book: Fed 31,480 999 280 31,770 75 Birdman & Lil' Wayne Like Father 25,731 1 25,507 389,865 <---- Like father like son has a new meaning after the "kiss" picture. 78 Clipse Hell Hath No Fury 23,175 -70 78,487 102,771 82 Yankovic*weird Al Straight Outta 21,800 44 15,153 288,241 <----- Selling more than Jim Jones just by clowning a rapper. What does that say about hiphop? 84 Thicke*robin Evolution Of Robin 21,591 24 17,357 155,816 89 Diddy Press Play 21,109 20 17,577 408,008 98 Brown*chris Chris Brown 18,042 39 12,993 1,695,999 103 Jones*jim Hustler's P.o. 17,133 -14 19,878 219,953 112 Danity Kane Danity Kane 16,315 23 13,300 778,560 125 Ying Yang Twins Chemically 14,908 -59 35,934 51,116 134 Blige*mary J. Breakthrough 13,748 95 7,065 2,674,734 137 Richie*lionel Coming Home 13,228 10 12,051 306,162 140 Jibbs Jibbs Feat. Jibbs 13,075 28 10,245 138,689 144 Gnarls Barkley St. Elsewhere 12,859 34 9,565 1,099,935 150 Fat Joe Me Myself & I 11,538 -5 12,165 104,918 <---- Title of the album pretty much is based on how many bought the album. 155 Labelle*patti Gospel According 10,901 -10 12,087 40,445 158 Jackson*janet 20 Y.o. 10,702 9 9,798 569,347 162 Knight*gladys & Saints Unified 9,859 35 7,294 35,957 167 Mary Mary Mary Mary Christmas 9,408 6 8,847 28,662 171 Ross*rick Port Of Miami 9,310 7 8,675 650,806 172 Eminem Curtain Call 9,206 20 7,703 2,608,383 179 Pitbull El Mariel 8,537 -7 9,191 111,431 180 Rihanna Girl Like Me 8,523 25 6,824 1,077,600 182 Studdard*ruben Return 8,442 17 7,227 156,770 189 Franklin*kirk Vol. 1-songs For 7,996 6 7,542 36,743 195 Chingy Hoodstar 7,844 0 7,872 245,792 198 Charles*ray Ray Sings 7,699 11 6,955 144,361 200 Tamia Between Friends 7,661 -15 8,988 48,055
  19. Turntable// Yeh.... Wayne's spending millions of dollars on hoes, jewelry and rims. Jay's spending the money coming from the concerts and the money brought in by his tour to the U.N and water-program. Talk about keeping it real.
  20. Interesting is that Muccino is a highly respected director in Europe but his methods are being bashed in the U.S.
  21. Even though I love kanye and he does a great job in Nas album with his guest verse, I really can't see what he's doing there. Let's hope he tries hard to keep up cause the others guys are on a different level in terms of skills.
  22. I was nervous about it getting bad reviews cause a dramatic movie is like you all are saying very depended in good reviews. It can still get good first weekend ratings, but like Hero1 says... weak legs. But the reviews can still be good, It's a couple of days left and we'll see by then how it looks. One thing that I'm nervous about is the movie being to melodramatic and too sentimental. I think dramas that are over the top with tears are a bit played out, especially if they are predictable and made in a way that's not groundbreaking.
  23. Nas - Hiphop is Dead: 9/10 It's just wonderful. I'll come back with a complete review. But in short: The bad things are that a couple of tracks are repetitive even though it's about nice and cool topics. The best song is Let there be light produced by Kanye. Could be his best beat, but Nas and the singer really flip it nice on it. It's a dark album, but this song is a positive song, so u'll love it. It's this years best album without a doubt. Has 4-5 10 out 10's on it. Really strong tracks.
  24. http://www.eurweb.com/story/eur30190.cfm Another interview, dude has alot of interesting things to say. This time he goes after Jim Jones and also criticize LL Cool J...
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