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2006, now 2007...

Jonny 5

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So guys, what's been the 5-10 most significant things/changes that have happened to you this year!? In no order!!!

-Saw Jeff and Skillz in march, and that's still the best night of my life

-Hammered the gym, big time!

-Lost loads of friends, fully cried my eyes out for a few hours lol

-made loads of new friends

-Became Gen. Sec. of my college!

-Had more sex than any other year hahaha!

-Started my degree for real, more dedicated than I expected (sittin on 93.75% average so far!)

-Went on an aeroplane for the first time

keep it concise! :sipread: :stickpoke:

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-I finally quit my job at Target

-I started college (a year late, but I started)

-I had a girlfriend that drove me crazy while boring me at the same time, I broke up with her

-I'm talking to a new girl now, I like her a lot more

-I won the first Audio Battle on this board

-I made a lot of friendly acquaintances

-I continued to harass an old friend

-I really began to eat better in order to maintain my already-manly physique

-I fell in love with doing push-ups

-And pull-ups

-I've become very good at playing basketball by myself

-I saw Happy Feet and I liked it

-I made it so I can listen to Lost and Found while racing in Excite Truck on my Wii

-I did well

That's the year so far.

God Blessa!

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*Got the position at my job that i wanted

*Watched the gyrl that waz always on my mind slip away

*Watched myself get 2 do less and less of my favorite things...writing, rapping, and theater

*Allowed one of my close friends constantly fight with me and bring out the worst in me

*Had my car break down

*Watched me job and crappy co-workers take over my life, take away my personal life and make me start hating the job i loved

*Lost so much of my personal life that i missed alot of friends, fun, theater, and haven't had tyme 2 shop 4 a new car or even keep my house clean

*Maintained at work, liquidated my staff, came out with moderate success thru' the crap, started rebuilding and likeing me job again (which waz 2day)

*Paid off the debt that's been hanging over my head for 5 or 6 years.

*Gained a new focus on life, priorities, goals, and where 2007 is taking me...2 a better place than the last 3 years

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- Took more walks than ever before.

- Got to hear that they are going to destroy my favorite grass field.

- Started spelbloggen.com that has had a lot of success. English version soon coming up.

- Wrote a good and appreciated article about game journalism.

- Saw right-side parties winning the Swedish election. Cried.

- Got very confused over all my friends. I meet them a couple of days every week but just dont get them.

- Wasnt even close to getting any girls.

- Got lots of e-mails

- Lost a lot of love to Will thanks to the "Pursuit of Money and Oscars" and some thinking. For example it occured to me that he sucks at taking care of his fans. Hero1 has had this site for ten years. Will could have spent ten minutes of his life mailing Hero at least once.

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-Started College

-Met new friends

-realized i really wanna make big things doin hip-hop

-Got more involved in the peruvian HH comunity (workin my rep)

-Started to write a mixtape in spanish

-Changed my Rap name

-Met two special girls...kinda confused

-No new mic, but still got hope

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ooh mixed year for me with good and bad.

- sorted out some major issues at work and made the boss realise i wasnt a crappy worker it was just some1 **** stirring.

- went on my birthday night out and best friends birthday night out which were both brillient

- had major crush on a guy that i met at these parties, but found out hes a playa, so hes a no no.

- took an exam in x rays

- got results and failed the exam despite working so hard (possibly worst moment of my life)

- my friend in work left to do human nursing instead

- went on holiday to salou, spain.

- finished my veterinary portfolio, only took me 18 months and is 250 pages long

- was gonna see jeff but he cancelled

- re-took exam in x rays, went well but u never know these b******* will probably still fail me.

i bet u wished u never asked lol.

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- Graduated college and got my associate's degree in Business Administration - Accounting

- Went to a Talib Kweli concert

- made really good friends with someone in college I didn't really talk to in high school

- made unbelieveable friends with a young woman in college, yet had a mishap of us possibly gettin' together

- struggled in helping my brother thru his divorce

- found new confidences in me I didn't utilize before

- found new inspirations from a variety of people and music

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-turned the magic milestone 21 in march

-filled out a load of applications for a job but nobody called it seemed, that had me down for a lil' bit, check the lyrics on the first verse of "Decisions", that's actually where my head was at for awhile, actually that whole song reflected my mood of this year, i felt lost for a while but i found myself again, i just keep on and don't let failures discourage me, that's what i'm keeping in mind to make next year more memorable for me

-got a job on the boardwalk last spring/summer, met some nice people there, some not so nice too, lol, it was a good experience though, maybe i'll do it again next spring/ summer

-well speaking of the not so nice people i met, i almost got in drama with this chick that was married, i had no idea she was until i knocked at her house and her husband answered the door, really that had me thinking girls ain't nothing but trouble, lol, it was basically just my ego getting to me though, i really wasn't feeling that girl much though, sure she got a bangin' body but she really was shallow, really my head was in the wrong direction

- got to chat with chuck d a few times through email this year, that's something cool to brag about,getting to chat with a hip-hop legend, it's something that i'll never forget, but really he's down to earth though, i told him to let me know when he's coming to Jersey to perform 'cause I'm gonna go watch him, not only is he a legendary artist, he's a legendary person

-really put more time recently into those that're there for me instead of wasting energy trying to impress certain people that just ain't that caring for me the way that i care for them, really you have to watch the company you keep, sorta have a bigger peace of mind over the last month or so, I emailed L. Bennett and thanked him for the messages delivered on those Weekly Breads are very helpful for me, really when I had to do a lot of soul searching I'd sit there at my pc and read them over and over, really looking forward to 2007 in being a fruitful year for me, try to take everything in stride more often though instead of getting too high or low about things, my resolution for the '07 is to be more humble and open minded during my journey

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*Got completely hooked on Hip Hop

*Started producing beats

*Got my first car

*Dropped my first summer job at Micky D's (I definitely need to get a better job this comin summer)

*Finally got turntables and started DJing

*Became really good friends with my cousin

*Played a lot of basketball and started lifting

*Struggled with test taking in school, so i had to get help outside of school (finally my grades are improving)

*Decided to pursue music production or photography when i go to college

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* went backstage at the Wu-Tang (Meth, Rza, Inspectah Deck and Masta Killa) concert in Austin

* produced over 50 beats in a 3 month span while working, going to college and dropping The Magnificent Mixtape

* met Jurassic 5, Zion, Deuce Eclipse, Pigeon John & Ras Kass(at the Rakim concert) after their shows

* read about 6 or 7 books from religion to history and philosophy (even Shakespeare)

* went to Las Vegas, played craps, won some cash and had a great time

* lost and gained a few friends due to my love for music

* isolated myself at random times for the span of a week, focusing on the Mindfulness of my self being

* never drank or sipped one alcoholic beverage or smoked anything (never have and never will)

* self educated myself to become an Egyptologist (studied nearly 150hrs in 5months)

* debated against 2 philosophy professors over the origins of greek philosophy (we had different views of how it started and this took hours)

* grew a HUGE crush on Goapele after seeing her on a dvd this past summer... i thought and still think that she's one of the most beautiful people alive :biggrin: :biggrin:


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: Started to learn to drive

: Quit School

: Started College

: Friends went to University so i don't see them as much now

: Celebrated my 18th birthday party

: Went to a halloween party

: Passed my theory test

: Started making my own beats for the first time

: Get a car for Christmas

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  • Admin

* never drank or sipped one alcoholic beverage or smoked anything (never have and never will)

Its you and me man.

and me :1-say-yes:

- went to miami and LA

- met mickey!

- met cozmo d(who i've known online for like 9 years)

- saw a lot of my fav artists(king britt, vikter duplaix)

- hung out with jazzy jeff in melbourne

- saw about 6 jazzy jeff shows

- improved my health dramatically

- made some new friends

- reconnected with old friends

- started my own web business

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