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  1. anytime man... you definately put up a worthy battle indeed i actually felt a huge sigh of relief when i just read that i was declared the winner cause it couldve gone either way props to everyone who participated in the tournament whether it was by dropping feedback or battling in the tournament itself Peace!
  2. Schnazz... even tho you didnt vote for me i appreciate you dropping some feedback as to why you voted that way... same to you Fuq, even tho you did vote for me its puzzling that theres only 8 votes and theyre split perfect but only 2 comments about it theres so many active people on this board... come on now, the votes should be in the 20's and 30's atleast
  3. "DaAce-Resurrection_Freeverse" is the new track i just uploaded on my page. Its the same beat as Common-Resurrection_95 My Album... T.R.I.P.(The Righteous Intellectual Poet) is currently being recorded and will be set to come out in a short time so stay tuned... I will be uploading random tracks on my myspace page as time gets closer for the release so keep your ears open. Take Care, One Love, Peace Yall!!!
  4. DaAce-Round_3(Luigie) Lyrics: compare me to none ima burry this bum this arrogant son couldnt "race the track" "secretariat" runs if he bit a rhyme i shared from my tongue it would despair into crumbs and deflate all the air in his lungs so carry a gun battle me is like "south american slums" "sick as malaria" from precarious bums and various drunks prepared to get stomped im "pharaoh" in his chariot pumped "red sea" naw its mother natures period month punchlines arope and then dope my lines go for the throat and get tighter at the moment you choke his flow is a joke when he opened and spoke it only exposed the growth of his nose you pinocchio foe and if he carried the lies he's poured on his spinal cord it will shatter like a teams dream when losing in the final four so find a morgue cause my iron sword at the time of war will define your core and lay you out like ironing boards in lima, peru well the thing ima do is sink your whole crew with the ink i will use, the inca's are thru! ... i stand astounding while fans are shouting your dreams, i thew em off the side of the andes mountains this aint dreamsport you'l get played like keyboards your washed up as jason seahorn upon the seashore im 3/4ths... soul and spirit a mutant human consuming this clueless student by using the code of lyric start construing my quotes, this dude isnt dope he thought punchlines meant to fight over peruvian coke now look here i win unanimous da brakes took a brake and silver tiger got screwed like ll did to canibus you spit rhymes and got the nerve to call it rap well you mustve been "rollin dice" cause i heard alot of "crap" you want respect, you dont deserve my autograph so turn and holla back.... its like a snake tryna face the lochness you wouldnt spit hot if you ate a comet made it vomit up in space with rockets dont you know DaAce has got this you can name your cd "elijah muhammad", you still wouldnt make a "profit" because man your not intriguing you wouldnt get hands in the air if you gave a german crowd a nazi greeting cause since day one this lame bum has sat the bench so long he doesnt even know how to play dumb so yea when i let the ink leave from the pen its dissin everyone who shouldnt be speaking again cause in the ring my punchlines are meeting your chin so understand your gonna lose before it even begins :bat:
  5. its called a concept... first round fresh-to-def said "... unless ace stands for one" then the krs-one - still #1 sample followed with the beat... "ghostface killah - one" so im basically stating that im number one right now and all he can be is two at best two = bi and i took his "bye" round and flipped it on him vote with me or against me but this is a battle, any ammo i can store up to use, ima take it and plus you seem a little offended that i mentioned "bi", i couldve said faggot, homo, etc... but i kept it clean... if you have a grudge speak up, other than that dont try to stir up things by instigating with comments such as "texas thing", if your trying to attack my style at Lerkot, who was fine with what i said, then why dont you step in the battle circuit and speak up there peace!
  6. focus, zone-in, capture the moment and enjoy yourself nothing feels better to me after rocking a set that the crowd loved
  7. DaAce-Round_2(Lerkot) a flow from DaAce you slowly await they gave you a bye(bi) assuming they dont know if your straight im holding the stakes he's probly holding his snake at home watching boy george on a tape with rainbows and parades ... probly dreaming of artificial insemination by twenty asians with penetration by renegade tim a slim invasion is indication he's been awaiting many men of his cadence to jump on into him naked ... you seem concieted your "michael jackson" well its "human nature" to go into "billy's jeans" to "beat it" my stuff is so wack well thats nice to think but the only w you'l get is from a hyperlink cause dude, this is a battle not scrimmage or even warm up i'll skin em with venom and send em to his people all torn up ill finish this menace in minutes, diminish his image like senates ascending to limits with plenty incentives your only a minor so take some notes in ya binder that my work gets done like open vaginas your my flowing assignment, and since your bi you should stop rap apply and try to become a clothing designer im the smartest caliber you retarded challenger ima scar this amateur with a sharp excalibur so ill harm and damage ya... i know he's bi cause he takes it "rough like sandpaper and hard like algebra" NEXT! :sipread:
  8. yes this will be on the album the album is 21tracks and 78mins in length ive already started recording for it... i surprised myself not only in songs written but also in the some of the beats i made... this album is a self produced album as well as me writing all the lyrical content. just stay tuned cause ima drop a couple more tracks as i get deeper into recording the album
  9. same here... ive been a cheesehead for nearly a decade GO COLTS!
  10. That was the hardest part of it. Cause its a hiest without any deaths, guns, cussing, etc... It was difficult but fun to do. and Mac Daddy, try this link for part 2 http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...BC435BE300F6D32 http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=68659
  11. ROUND 1: VERSE FROM DaAce LYRICS: fresh to def is next to death i'll wreck the set and have his fans yelling more wu's (wooo's) than inspectah deck so why did you accept the bet your chromosones are more than blown cause you winning is like you going home and hanging yourself with a cordless phone i broke your bones who else could it be, the truest of mc's fast enough to shoot a gat and catch the bullet in my teeth fast enough to race the future cause the future is in me before you know you lost i erased what you knew like MIB's so i'll double your jeapardy if you come up and step to me having you "jumpin" "saying my name" your in trouble with "destiny" so rebuttal the recipe you wont puzzle the best mc all your writtens will fall off as if you stumbled with leprosy ive become a neccessity something often legit im like boss and manager with people calling me sick im flawless with this, sharp as knifes lyrics tend to scar the mic you must play left field cause what you say is far from right its harlem nights you better call ya momma cause beating me is like saying you saw osama cause some drama with the dalai lama and the beef was hot as sauna's and you caught a bomber that sprawled nirvana... thats what i call some karma you must be def if you aint heard the style i bring since you fresh i'll eat you like fruit and spit your bones out like flower seeds
  12. props. thats a big step. good luck with that man.
  13. damnit, i got caught :damnyou:
  14. its good to see your back
  15. HOLD ON ONE DAMN SECOND! KRS-ONE and Nas have and never will be neck and neck KRS-ONE is a God in HipHop. His knowledge and lyricism is that of a supreme endlessness. Nas himself would agree and 99% of true HipHoppas (those associated with the roots from day one) would also agree. Its no disrespect to Nas, but there shouldnt be any neck and neck comparisons with KRS unless its with other Gods such as Mele Mel, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool Moe Dee, Grandmaster Caz and others who's impact and contributions goes beyond words. Theres just no neck and neck comparison with Nas and the others. What he's doing is great right now but it will take another 10 years to look back and see how it truly affected the craft of HipHop. Nas is on his way but to say that now he's neck and neck, it doesnt sit right with me.
  16. ok both parts are available now ENJOY!
  17. i had some problems with my programs but ima post part 2 up in a couple hours
  18. the sample is Curtis Mayfield - You're So Good To Me glad you liked it... the 2nd half is nice... ima post it tomorrow or the next day
  19. yea, i made that beat about a week ago, first thought when i made the beat was... HIEST
  20. Here's both parts here Its a story about a heist and I really like how it came out... especially when it took me 4 hours to do last night Hope Yall Enjoy.... DaAce-Starting_Five(1st Half) DaAce-Starting_Five(2nd Half) (the link to download it on sendspace is near the center of the page)
  21. ha i dont know whats funnier, the decline in hiphop sales or the emoticon posted after it :hmm:
  22. both of yall jabroni's will stay in... and if no ones in, i'll step out cause i still need to work the album
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