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  1. i think in can you mget taxed my moms friend vivan her sister won the lotto here iono which one it was but she won alot thats all i know
  2. wow cool so many different names i haven't heard befor its kind of unique to hear ya know an johnny Ben Dover? haha that made me laugh
  3. thank you all.... i really need this support i don't get any around home because we are all going through the same thing... my brother has cryed everyday and everynight hes having a break down... my mom can't handle seeing us cry she had a rough childhood and doesn't want to see us like this... i can't handle this anymore... my counsiler keep telling me to hold on things will get better.. but this all began when i was about 6 and now i can't remember anything befor that.... so everythign in my mind is bad.. Everyonce in a while i freak out out of nowhere because of all the stress... and i can't let my counsiler know everythign that goes on cause hes so close to putting me in the hospital for recovery of all this stuff... so thank you all of you you don't know how good it feels to see that people care..!!
  4. :lolsign: :lolsign: :lolsign: ← haha thats jokes hiphop started with skittles :smart: this whole thread turned into a lecture :pony:
  5. well since I'm new and only know most of you by your Forum names i think this is a great way for other new members to catch on aswell... so post your names in here I'm Brian haha :jazzy:
  6. thank you Lerkot and Big Ted Juumpinjack... that really gives me somethign to think about man
  7. yeah thats true aswell schnazz i get where your coming from
  8. no clue haha the things going on in my mind right now are telling me it probally involved a little "exploring..." of itsself haha
  9. thoes are fighting words Brace haha
  10. haha thanks for all of thoes man they cool
  11. i voted took me forever to find out how lol i dont see will on the list anymore
  12. haha it be pretty fun to listen to Hero1 how excatly do you record 2 people talking over Skype?
  13. i haven't been listenening to the radio here in london but i will start to and tell ya'll what we have going on down here
  14. yeah you sure do.. i really want to meet will he sounds soo nice and not self centered and concised like other famous people
  15. what code red was cool man iono though
  16. haha cool man sounds fun you could make a fourtune
  17. nice list i loved the last 2 haha
  18. yeah me too she got out of surgery awhile ago then she came home and can't really walk straight and she had to go through kemo (sorry bout spelling) then they found that she had more and she had to go back now she is at the stage where shes going through kemo and alot of other radation tests
  19. man that sounds really really cool... i'll keep dreaming
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