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  1. well I don't do prejudice to anybody by downloading legally for free. The artists earn something every time I download...
  2. http://www.beezik.com : a new site that allows u to download a music track for free legally after watching an ad! Only available in France... There is so much tracks... Even "lost and found" album :)
  3. he loves Michael Bolton music also (i think i read that on this website)
  4. in reality the english site has been created by the french people who created the viedemerde website (besides if you click on the french flag that is on the english site you are directed to viedemerde). Perhaps we have no petroleum, but we have ideas :)
  5. he would already be in jail if he was in France
  6. It's totally free for you! All the details here: http://www.hotelscombined.com/Charity.aspx P.S: it is serious : you can view the copies of the donation receipts via Network For Good on the website...
  7. don't like this radio too but they always invite Will Smith for promotion, which is a good thing... :) It seems nobody outside France can view the videos, right??
  8. something must be missing on your computer...
  9. hope you'll like the area... I live in Normandy... :)
  10. http://www.69nrj.com/index.php?act=videosp...ossier=20090114 http://www.69nrj.com/index.php?act=videosp...sier=20090114_2 Enjoy! :)
  11. Scientologists try to get an image of respectability (I remember Tom Cruise asking to meet Sarkozy...). Will Smith is contributing to that... He's blind. Plus, if he hadn't given money to scientology, Will Smith would have denied...
  12. Anyone heard of him? I love his album "warchild". Check out this artist, you won't regret (I think)
  13. the article : http://www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/20...lion_to_charity
  14. Seeding Labs ( http://www.seedinglabs.org/ ) reclaims and refurbishes laboratory equipment from universities, hospitals and biotechnology companies in order to equip talented scientists and clinicians living and working in the developing world. Seeding Labs was founded in 2002 by graduate students at Harvard Medical School to address this lack of infrastructure. Since then, they have shipped over $300,000 worth of equipment to labs on three continents, with a total budget of under $10,000.Their clients have gotten real results with equipment that was otherwise destined for a storage unit or a landfill. You can help them get 10 000 dollars by voting for them here (you can vote only once a day): http://www.ideablob.com/ideas/1159-Seeding...-global-science "With $10,000 we could collect and distribute equipment worth over $400,000. We already have worthy recipients waiting for us: students at a brand new medical school in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (where there are only 4000 doctors for a country 4 times the size of Texas!), and biochemistry researchers in Chile whose entire department burned down at the beginning of December. "
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