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  1. this is long brace yourselfs!!! its good though has a good message in it has sort of a BOYZ IN THE HOOD THEME!!! Brian O'Donnell Depressed Movements(Chapter 1) There on the ground lay a man who looked like he had fought for everything he had.He was laying in the middle of a new york alley way, dark and cold. As the night passed on, the body grew heavily with puddles of blood and nothing but emptiness surrounding it. As the sun slowly grew over the high building tops of the new york city, the body grew with a stench of death. The man had looked like he was in his late teens, 17 to 19 if that. He was tall about six foot five or more, he had what seemed to be a red bandana folded up inside his right pocket. As the morning grew young, a gang of teenagers walked towards the body as if they had seen a ghost. The biggest and what seemed to be the leader of the group reached for something in his pocket. He then had pulled out a cell phone and started to dial numbers. "Yo who's this?" the girl said "its Jermaine," the leader of the group stated "well what's up with you man?" the girl said "everything, Young C has been stabbed, and its not looking very..." the phone was slowly swept out of the hands of the girl on the other side of the phone, in what seemed to be a shocking rection before Jermaine could finish his sentance. "Yo Julijana you still there?" he said without an answer "Julie?" he paused "JULIE!?" he screamed into the phone. "I'm sorry Jermaine I, I," she studdered. "its ok, listen girl I'm going to send somebody over right away," Jermaine told her as he closed the phone. The whole group stood around the body and stared, while one of the members bent down on his knees was examining the body for a reason of death. "Guy's, guy's" Jason said "Young C was stabbed to death, it looks like the killers wrote something in his skin" he said in confusion. Jermaine knelt down on his knees looking at the message. The message read "someday you will learn. Your crew means nothing to us, we are everything you are trying to be. We own New York city, you jokes are nothing but rats in a maze to us..." Jermaine kept reading. Emotions of anger and hate seemed to take over what had once been a leader and a role modle for the rest of the crew."Ahh, them little punks, I will not let this stand, hes takes down one of my soldiers and now he calls us rats! This is not the end of this mark my words, this is not the end" he screamed. The rest of the crew stood in shock, Mel which was one of the girls of the group reached her hand over and placed it on Jermaine's shoulder. "It's ok baby, you'll be alright. We'll get him back for what he has done." she said whiping the tears from her cheeks."Jason would you mind picking up Young C and bringing him back to my house while we call the cops, and Mel can you go pick up Julijana, i promised her i would.." jermaine was saying as he got cut off by another member "wait a secoand. The cops, you mean the po po? Mister 5-0? The pigs? What are you thinking, they going to start asking questions are you up for that? Common, Young died with our flag in his back pocket. Why should we let these cops" he said scarcasticly "harrass one of our boys?" Jason said. "Why? What you mean why? This is our only choice you going to start secoand guessing me now?" he finished as Jason got up on his feet an pushed Jermaine back wards "your not listening to me man," Jason said "did you just push me boy?" Jermaine said as he put his hands in his pocket an said "unless you want to end up in his position i suggest you do as i say," Jason paused staring Jermaine in the eyes. "Now!" Jermaine screamed at the top of his lungs. The crew then went there seperate ways with Mel gone to get Julijana, and Jason gone to bring Young C back to his house, Jermaine stood in the alley way with his hands pressed togather, and his knees to the ashphalt.He sat there looking at the puddles of blood that had once surrounded his friend, his dog, his homie, and most importantly his family. He then closed his eyes an sat in dispare, thinking, watching the back of his eye lids for a reason or some sort of answer to his question. He then started praying "dear Lord, what do I do? Hes gone, what am I supposed to do now? Why did you have to take him? Theres so many people on this earth but yet he chose to die? How can this be?" he said " I don't understand. Why not me?" he started getting louder. "What do I do? Why am I here? Am I supposed to just let my crew members Die? Common answer me!" he yelled. Then in the blink of an eye a vision in what seemed to be him day dreaming he sall Young C. He sat there in amazment searching for the words to say. "I, I, No it can't, Its, Wait a minute, no, is that really?" he tryed to say but he just couldn't belive what he was seeing. The vision then started to speak. "yes, its me" he said as if he was some kind of ghost " haha, I'm just joking kid. Jermaine listen i have something to tell you." he said. "Don't worry man we gon find thoes guys i swear to god, this is not going to end liek this." Jermaine said as he slowly lost his breath. "No, you are not. Common your smarter then that man. remember when me an you used to go to the clubs an get all the girls an the guys would be all jelous. Good times right? Well listen I want you to be smart, look what the streets have got me into? You think i wanted this? Gods got a plan for all of us, and if mine was to die, then i guess its part of his plan. Common Jermaine straighten up, you need to get out there an do whats right." Young C finished saying an he slowly dissappeared. "No wait, what do you mean the right thing?" Jermaine said curiously. He then fell back wards onto the ground. "Man this makes no sence to me." he though to hiself "what did he mean by the right thing?" he said as he sat staring to the sky, at the clouds that seemed to form the letters G-O-N-O-W, jermaine shook his head an looked back up to the sky. The letter were gone. He then got up to his feet, took his cell phone out of his pocket an searched it for Young C's Parents. He looked throught the long list of numbers he had in his adress book, and realized there was no number for Phill Trason. "What? this makes no sence," he said as he looked carefully over the numbers again and again. "Common where are you?" He said continuiously searching for the number. He then threw his phone to the ground wit a force of anger behind it."This doesn't add up. How did i stay in contact with him if i had no phone number?" he thought to himself. "Thats it im going to find who did this to him an do this the right way," he said like he was warning something that wasn't there. He then left the alley way to get to his house. He walked with his head face down at the ground, walking very slowly kicking every little can or peice of garbage that got in his way. A couple minutes later he reached his house, he lifted his head from its hanging position on his neck an stared directly at the front door of his house, for another couple of minutes, befor his mother came out of the house an said "Jermaine hunney I know what happened, don't worry I'm sure Phill is in heaven right know staring down on you." "Mom if you only knew," Jermaine said as he walked into his house pushing past his mother who was open armed reaching for a hug."Wait a minute young man!" she yelled " I've raised you better then that. Hold your head up boy, you know how many people I've seen get hurt in this neighborhood in my years?" "no mom," jermaine said in a scarstic tone of voice "many some where my friends, and family, and some where people who are just around me looking for an excuse, and looking for the answers to the questions they ask all their lives. Will i ever be a good mom? Why don't my boys listen to me? Why do I feel this pain every day of my life? Why am I still here in this DAMN hood?" she screamed. "I have tried all my life to raise a good boy, an I guess its not my fault intierly for letting you get into this gang buisness. But its my duty as a mother to teach you right from wrong and going out there an killing the people who have done this will not make this situation any better." she said staring jermaine in the eyes. Jermaine still didn't listen, it seemed as if he just tuned her out the same way he had pushed aside his friends all this time. "I'm a leader, not a fallower, I hold my own on my own, an this is my decision to make, not yours."he said to his mother as he turned around to look at the other crew members. "Jason, good job, Mel thanks for getting julijana, julie thanks for coming.Guys I've got a plan, get your phones out an call the crew up tell them to start asking questions an getting names alright" he said. "Alright sure thing," Julijana said, "anything for you man" Jason said "yeah I'm up for it" Mel answered. After a while of calling up members the crew finally put the phones down. They sat there amazed at how much information they got out of thoes phone calls. As Jermaine reentered the room from his rest in the basment, thinking of where to move next, he was given many peices to the puzzle. He then sat an tried to re arrange the peices to his friends muder, and his mistake or so he thought. Jermaine as the days went on started to feel like his whole life had been going down the drain since he's grown up. His family is devorsed, he has no siblings, no outside family members due to a tragic accident that happened during a family reunion that summer in New York, all he has is his crew, his faith, his pride, and his mother which he barly assoicates, or has anything to do with. Three days passed by. As the crew sat in the same house day in day out, with little snack breaks here an there. One more night passed as they sat there staring out the window at the sun which was slowly disappearing into the darkness of the summer in New York. Jermaine had finally got up out of his black leather couch which looked like a cat had torn it appart from the ground up. I guess it was just the neighborhood he was lived in rough, provertie driven, gang orientated, and street violence could be used to discribe the place where Jermaine so called held it down. Jermaine left out to the kitchen where he stared at a orange bottle with the name Ronie Jermaine Dutch printed on the white lable across the front of the bottle. He then moved closer picking up the bottle and opening it to revial the white pills inside it.He took one out split it in half an washed it down his throat with a cup of water.He put the pills back on the microwave. His mother then walked into the room an looked at Jermaine and said "Jermaine baby why you still take thoes things? You know I used to take thoes but they never really helped with anything." Jermaine stared with his eyes planted on the bottles wrighting "Anti-Depressants" the lable said right under neath his name. His mom left the room feeling ignored once again by her one and only son. Jermaine sat as the fourth day passed an thought to himself, "man maby my moms right, maby I'm just depressed because I'm letting meself be, and I'm not doing anything to reinforce my state of mind." "Ok this is enough," he thought to himself as he told his friends to fallow him to find who did this to his friend. He left the building an went an spoke to a man named Mac-O-Riley."Yo man I need answers and I need them now. He said my buddy just got knocked down an i think it was from one of your crew members," he said "man I have no clue about anything right now I just got back from the Pen." said the man wearing a nice black suit with a fashionable hat placed at the side of his head with a feather on the left. Jermaine an Mac continued talking, as another couple minutes passed by Jermaine stormed away still looking for answers. He went back to the only place where he had talked to his friend Young C in a while, The alley way. As he walked into the dark alley he looked at where his buddy rest in peice as his last moments passed on the earth, he sall the same blood puddles still remained there. He looked the alleyway over for any clues that he could find. He found a Blue bandana wit a message attached to it. Jermaine picked it up an read the message. The message read. To all my friends and family, and all my crew members. This bandana nor the one in my pocket, represented anything to me but just flags of a continuious war raging within the streets. My whole life I have longed to seek a reason for these gangs of people who join togather to create harm to one another, to prove that they can be respect by a certain clan on people. I had joined with the bloods because I felt threatened by the people around me I felt powerfull and most of all I felt loved. I have been depressed over many years taking pills ands isolationg myself within my limits. I have yet to discover why I have chose the cowards way out I leave this message to you to find, so that hopefully you don't chose to fallow my path. I have prayed to god to help me with my decision but in the end I realized it is not him nor the people around us who can make choices for us we create our own I have wrote this message on my stomach to make you all realize that gang violence can really get out of hand. In the end yes nobody had done this to me but myself. I guess it was me who chose this but I'm sorry I guess it was just a DEPRESSED MOVEMENT. towards teaching people the lesson they needed. wit love always. Young C. Jermaine then sat down eyes still on the page an he cryed. He thought "Damn this wasn't how I expect to see this." "but i better get back to my crew. R.I.P. Young C. still young for ever an always." Years after this took place, after the funeral was held, and etc. Jermaine and Jason went on to become famous rappers, telling storys of the hood and their days living there. Jermaine put all his money into a construction company and bought half the hood with the money he made. He then made places to stay for people living in poverty. Jason on the other hand took the memory of Young C's death and wrote a whole movie, he ressurected the whole moment on film. Julijana went on in her life and ended up becoming a famous singer, doing duets with her old friends of course she moved on to create a beautiful life for her self. Mel went on wit her life and begang to work for a bank. she ended up owning one of the branches of the bank close to home. The memory of Young C still lives on though out the raps, the movie, and through all their hearts.
  2. i have it i just dont liek it its slow and not very attractive to the viwer when watching and it plays low quality music and bad quality and stuff the Rm. files SUCK
  3. i wrote this for english and i got a 84 on this Life is hard... its liek i'm playing poker with the wrong cards. walking a distance but i'm walking to far. gietting in to drive but i drive to far its hard, when you really don't know who you are when your heart deep inside crushes your pride pushes your emotions to the side with the look in your eyes you would think you got it pretty good but your still walking forward with the wrong foot haing things where they aint supposed to be put my whole lifes a huge struggle its like i'm a clow but i can't juggle im trying to learn the tricks of the trade its either sit and get played or let my shoulders be weighed with the whole world on my back its like i've gone to far to ever come back.......
  4. haha do it for fun haha! it be jokes get a laugh out of it
  5. serious i haven't watched since the bitg guy ransom or something i forget
  6. haha i got alyiah usher and old puffy from my lybarie
  7. i want an ipod how much are they in aussie tim?
  8. man in canada on Omni 1 its on everyday at 5:00pm then its on again at 8:30pm and again at 11:30 pm so i get 3 episodes a day hahaha
  9. yeah real player sucks man isn't there a way to change the thing?
  10. haha me too!! "why should i try to put out whats out? thats whats right wrong with the white house right now. its like a middleschool with a bunch of clowns. with a buch of democrats that id probally vote circles around....Vote Smith.. for president!! :2thumbs: " haha
  11. the freestyle friday keep me entertained though Jin, Posta Boy... haha
  12. thatsthats really weird man maxfly how u know so much about Science and Math man? u major or soemthing
  13. hey max i tryed 2 and it ended up being 5 im lost... and yoh max all that math man DAMN!!!
  14. yeah the song looks great they got good flow...
  15. as long as your having fun man its all good haha
  16. good job i like it its good for a first try keep working !
  17. cool johnny i'm going to post around soon
  18. yeah snouf thats excatly what im saying
  19. yeah you got it right oj point man ^^
  20. hey hero i can barly read your banner you should switch up the text man people won't understand it
  21. haha vipa thats sick .. in school somebody during a presentation showed us a number trick it was weird
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