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  1. edited ehr last post today at 12:50pm board time
  2. You've already got Uranus for that. :haha: ← haha true man haha
  3. :word: That's what I was thinking ← :word: excatly
  4. haha 5 mins haha man ya'll got good ideas but if your stranded you can't bring a helicopter then you basically visiting? haha
  5. yeah man no doubt i wanna find a planet then name it something funny so that when they learn it in school it be like WHAT???
  6. haha why not just a real one? more fun then a blow up doll? unless you know any achient chinease secrets?
  7. haha man thats jokes nice once there this is kinda fun why would you have jjfp and the bestie boys>? EDIT: common noone else has a dream
  8. no clue maby the prope floated haha. but i know i learned in science class that scientists sent one out taking pictures of everything and transmitting them somehow
  9. haha umm joined in febuary and i got more then a quater of her posts in a week haha
  10. yeah it cool but imagin how much more we can discover if we get farther out in the universe
  11. i wanna see him over Nas- One Mic Or Nas- Dance
  12. alright man i also got another new song an actuall song called One To Many Drinks its kanye and jamie foxx
  13. it is a new kayne song i upload for the people who asked in caught in the middle
  14. yeah man me too its will be good u know u could probally remix this since its a acapella
  15. yeah i know we should run up in wbs building and made a riot for the dvd
  16. yeah the one in Viva Los Wages is jokes he throws him agains a wall haha
  17. http://rapidshare.de/files/3384062/bittersweet.wmv.html its at the very end of this.. this is a video by the way. it doesn't have a beat but you get the just of it! its very good
  18. http://rapidshare.de/files/3384062/bittersweet.wmv.html Well there it is ill post it in JJFP TRACKS too
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