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  1. iono sounds like it "wemon acaquate dance wit sex" was in hitch
  2. they should have put a willsmith some on there for the movie haha it'd be cool
  3. another suggestion the last very last rhyme should rhyme with "now" because you ended that part way with the ? mark insted back come out of nowhere.. try it when i read that line it seems to drag the rest is cool though you fallowd the pattern you created in the first 3-5 lines GOOD JOB like Reborn said i like how u come with different styled and stuff!
  4. thats a nice idea sort of like the eminem-criminal or like eminem-guilty conshions the way it works out... its a great idea man some lines need to be changed an mix up the vocabulary good work man
  5. well its easy to understand that line but tony yayo has a anoying voice and he yells to much the only member of g-unit i liked at all was The Game but now he was kicked...
  6. well i voted Just the 2 of us... mainly because of the content and relatshion it can have to many people and its different you know.. very good track summertime is 2nd on my list
  7. i bookmarked this aswell this forum is going over very well man good job with this 1million hits you platinum man!
  8. yeah reborn2reign is right you should make certain places in this forum avalible to members only so that people stop doing stuff like that... I find it kind of funny that their willsmith fans yet they steal news from other sites because they can't take the time to look around.. kind of questionable man people are dumb....
  9. man that aint right if they wanna beat downloaders its best to put it out ASAP insted of making people wait.. like Vipa said.
  10. right now i got willsmith-lost and found ll cool j- mr.smith ll cool j- G.O.A.T. 112- Pleasure and pain will smith- BWS
  11. alright thanks all i was just playing around and they turned out good so yeah oh and Brakes I'll have your sig done by tonight mytime.
  12. haha alright thanks be eazy i better go to bed its 5:19 am an i got to be up at 9:30
  13. ok well i made these 2 cd covers for fun because i was bored and its about 4:27 am here so i decided well ill give something new a try... I tryed to use the old fashion freshprince colours (Light Green, Yellow, and Purpleish pink) then when i mixed the brushes with the pictures and erased around jazz over with pink i thought it looked pretty cool check them out and let me know what you think... i know the colours are a little bright but its supposed to be sorta like season 1 dvd of FPOBA a little thoes kind of colours! :2thumbs: With jazz in the corner Without Jazz in corner so let me know what you think remember it was all in good fun... so Feed? negative or posative + suggestions :2thumbs:
  14. ^ hes interested in the usual stuff? (profile)
  15. yeah man^ people in the rap buisness do lie ALOT! i mean my fam only makes 65,000-70,000 a year and we are ok i mean we aint rich and we do have money troubles but we still living and thats main thing right? well i hope will gets to promoting his new single by checking himself into them radio stations and he should put a commericial for his album on BET lots of people watch it.
  16. pretty good man keep working on it i like the line in the chorus "It’s me, KB back on this lyrical trip Without bombs, guns or any other miracle whips"
  17. ^^ your probally right but do you know much much time/effort/ and money, it takes to do that many music videos..... plus he'd be paying for it himself the labels wouldn't be paying for that many vids probally 1-3 over time...
  18. O my haha that was weird haha cool video man haha that finger dance and the mario ideas were cool nice and origional where do you come up with these things man haha
  19. haha man thats jokes you look like your having fun though an thats the main thing some pretty good moves to haha
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