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  1. I've contacted overbrooke before and they had said that they only accept solicited material how can i get them to want to hear my music.
  2. Ok so heres the deal i recently started listening to born to reign and i got the feeling will was ahead of his time forsome reason today rappers are with rnb artists spittin on club tracks like fat joe i wont tell, but on Wills I Cant Stop I LOVE IT!!! this album is sooooooooooooooooo underrated
  3. thanks guys im having a debate with my boss bout Wills music career
  4. yeh i love the track i dl'd the video an mannnnn i love it any idea on worldwide record sales
  5. couple of questions 1) total worldwide record sales 2) what album is Just crusin from its an amazing track
  6. I so far have Hitch I am legend Independance day I Robot pursuit of happyness on bluray and they are sooooooo amazing man i love it, i use my ps3 to watch them
  7. wow.... lol thats all i can say THUMBS UP :woot:
  8. i liked the movie, thought it was very insightful if thats the correct word, it really showed what each character was about, and on Rottentomatoes.com it was the highest rated WS movie
  9. First the BackStreet Boys now this..?? whats next NSync, and the non bald, teenage hit me one more time Brittany Spears??... no more Anniversary's please
  10. Yeah I can't find them either..... I sall Reign Ove Me on friday it was a great movie IMO, some really funny parts in it aswell, Sandler did a great job, Jada on the other hand was a great supporting ... lol my girl was talkign to me afterwards saying how skinny Jada is shes like wow shes like 40 and shes skinny as me lol..
  11. This track is tooooooooooooo laid back for me... alotta name dropping exactly what GAME AND 50CENT are all about..... oh well It better just be mixtape track... cuz I'm not feeling it lol
  12. http://www.soundclick.com/devilscarnival ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I got a new soundclick and added some of my new songs, I think I'm getting better, oh and i fixed all my old songs and put some of them on here... I got a new track called Red Eyed- which is about a girl who was drinking and driving and she died.... its a great track in my opnion... anyways PLEASE LISTEN and vote hot if you want, it would help me out major.... P.S. for the other emcees there is 3 songs that are open collab 1.Outta My System remix 2.My life 3.Run Away Love Remix All those tracks have an open verse if you wanna do a verse and add it in I'll post it on my site.... Anyways thanks ya'll please vote, and listen, any feedback is appreciated
  13. thats true but still I doubt it for some reason
  14. not ture, i searched IMBD and came up with a list of everyone involved, no will........sry guyz http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0418279/fullcredits#cast
  15. Story about my brother I made up, all the parts till the gun are true, I'm just sitting here thinking if I should tell my parents of not, but yeah..... check it out http://www.soundclick.com/player/single_pl...048836&q=hi I knew a kid till he was 13 then all the sudden he changed/ I didn't know him anymore but we still remainded/ friends till the end like we was brothers/ we'd always chill an hang out wit one another/ we was, unstopable, till the top we both/ learned the trick, and the trades of the game/ an then, out friendship done came to end/ he wanted out, an mah otha friends wanted in/ i wanted him, ta wanan be/ the my right hand, but see/ there was confusin, an all at last he hung dry/ then when he turned 14 he became that one guy/ that everbody hates, everybody talked about/ he just started walkin in, while I'm 16 I'm walking out/ he aint know what the hell I'm talkin bout/ but when the pain came, like UNK you gotta walk it out/ He crushed his own dreams, cause he tryed to be like me/ tryed to be like me...he couldn't see, waht i seen/ Stop me from fallin down/ God please stop from fallin now/ fallin down//// I Fallin an I can't get up/ So here my jersey lord, hang it up/// please lord I can't handle it/ cause my fingers on the trigger an it just might slip/// I'm fallin down/ fallin now, and there aint no way that i could figure out// I see what happened, he crushed the whole family/ the man in me, is tryna see, a way i can fix it/ but things started to heat up, cause of the friction/ we told him but he wouldn't listen/ he just though that everbody was tryna diss him/ man soon as i got here, i swear I miss him/ cause he's alone now, grown now, an crying his eyes out/ he aint neva knew what the hell i'm bout/ I told he not to be like me, don't make the same mistakes/ I been through all the fist fights, the anger, and the hate/ but now its late, cause one day, on a sunday/ he throught it'd be cool, but its not hes a fool/ cause a gun aint a tool/ so he used his baby bonus to go an buy a gun/ then he came home an had another fight wit his mum/ he was dumb, an he was angry, sayin "mom don't chu make me"/ (Gun shots), damn ..... Stop me from fallin down/ God please stop from fallin now/ fallin down//// I Fallin an I can't get up/ So here my jersey lord, hang it up/// please lord I can't handle it/ cause my fingers on the trigger an it just might slip/// I'm fallin down/ fallin now, and there aint no way that i could figure out// Man sometime i lay back an wonder/ why he change so much man my own brother/ killed his own mother, man then killed us too/ but what the hell i don't see what'd we do/ I just don't understand, I had a plan I wanna grow up/ why the hell, it makes me sick, man i wanna throw up/ sometimes it seems like I know stuff/ before it happens, maby thats why im rappin/ im asking/ what the hell god, how could you do this to me/ an he answers/ it wasnt you or me/ it was your brother his choice, neither of ours/ its not your fault, its the effects that had caused/ your brother to go nutso, an kill all you wonderful people/ So I wonder-Do-Evil, souls walk the earth/ cause now I'm dieing, and it hurts/ something like I'm giving birth/ Goin back to church, knowin it'lkl neva work/
  16. Heres the link to the song.... Song Evertime I try to grow up....Things hold me back being a kid, has its advantages,you know.... sometimes I just need to be free....Sometimes I just needa be me I feel like sometimes, in my life things aint meant to turn out right I like to live my life in the light but it aint right, my insight got me missing me dreams an my shots the seem... to blare off, their off, they never hit straight I'm three months late, feeling lik my life is disaster my album aint released yet, 6 months after I'm living, and dieing at the same time contradiction, got my thinking they lieing that birds on walking, an that humans are flying man im so damn sick of trying.. I aint seen my life, through the eyes of others but why can't we all just love each other I got a girl, an she beautiful an I can't figure out if its suitable I'm misreable, an I'm really confused Ya'll is laughing, while i aint amused Its seems like when I'm wining all i do loose I can;t fuse the two togather, an I'm missing point, through all this weather, weather or not I choose to accept it It's always going to be rejection they aint love me, an i don't either sometimes I just wanna pull out the hearter take a breather, and put it to my head but whats left to solve, when I'm lying there dead Bullet in my head, all the blood on my bed its red, an its painful, learing to take the pain slow cut my wrists slice straight up, hiding the emotional scars with make-up they-just, learing this now no psychartrist could even help out, I lost so much in this life of mine they don't even know my name is brian they don't even know who i am damn, an when i try to be a man noone lends a helping hand, damn I'm sick of my life, when am i ever gonan do things right its like, I don't know where to walk an I'm so speechless, I'm afraid to talk chalk surrounds my body an i lye there sould is lifted, they like why care I'm like finally, an they're like why him damn it seems i just can't win the light is dim, an i can;t see an latly its been kinda hard to breathe an it seems like heaven is to far to reach to far to reach, to far to reach, seems liek heaven is to far to reach..
  17. haha yeah its amazing what you can do, currently I'm volunteering at Rogers Television, and its amazing, they teach you how to use cameras, I have been taping shows, and alot of other amazing things
  18. sometimes I make my own beats, all of the songs currently on my soundclick are from other soundclick producers. But yeah One day I'll show you guys a beat of mine.... thanks for checkin out my tracks..
  19. Cool, did you do this for a school project or something? its pretty cool who ever did it. We are making trailers/commericals in my tech class this semester which should be cool.
  20. I just added another 4 songs. Damn I'm going song crazy right now. I wish I knew how to make my myspace page sick, then maby I'd put some of these songs up on there. Anwyas Ya'll pass me some of your opnions on the new songs please. In about an hour I'll have another song called "Best for me" its about hiphop, so ya'll will definatly needa check that out, please.
  21. whats up people?........ Well anyways i got some new tracks i made check them out please vote hot, and lemme know what you think...... http://www.soundclick.com/blazedbuisness
  22. DaAce Diss I blow **** up, they comparin me to tanks/ dude aol name's blankman, cause he's shootin blanks/*1 the kids from texas, well i hope he proudly falls/ when he first came to this board he was like howdy ya'll/*2 I don't understand why ya names da ace son/ you aint da ace, unless ace stand for one/*3 I'm the king of hearts, no heist (startin fiveish)/*4 you must be the queen, cuase in this battle your my b***h/*5 matta fact...was a rhyme book on ya wish list/ cause the only time you really wrappin dawg is at christmas/*6 my hitlist said " Da Ace" what chu talkin about/ ll's mom told me ta "knock this kid out"/*7 well... i got a minute, 40seconds has passed/ this kids to embarrased to change in gym class/*8 oops i came again, man thats ok/ i checked his profile "no friends to display"/(they hate you)*9 first time in this competition, imma take first spot/ imma murder you Ace, then I'mm kill lerkot/*10 one last thing, fuq this musta been a test/ cause this dude gets no attention like chicks wit no breats/*11 Explanation---Incase you don't understand--- *1 - in his profile it says his Aol is "Ace aka BlankMan" *2 - People from Texas in movies are like western *3 - Ace can stand for 11 or 1, being the higest or lowest *4 - Heist (startin Five) was a song made by DaAce I'm sayin I'm The king, and that his track sucks *5 - Queen is a girl in the deck of cards, and I'm saying i control him *6 - Rhyme Book + christmas = "W"raping *7 - Saying he's on my hitlist because LL cool J's mom said knock him out.. Refering to LL's song "momma said knock you out" *8 - pretty self explanitory *9 - His profile also said "no friends to display"- so I called him a loner and that people don't like him *10 - Say's in the tournament bracket that Winner faces lerkot *11 - Self Explanitory
  23. thanks man all i need is a chorus for it I can't think of anything at all lol
  24. please guys leave some comments please
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