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  1. yeah man thoes kids got guns walking around with people 3 times there age that is soo messed up
  2. happy birthday man have a good one
  3. haha i did 10+90 and it didn't work then i did 33+13 and it didn't wokr haha so much for mind reader
  4. take a look at this http://www.teachkidspeace.com/flash.php thats what we are teaching childern today damn?
  5. wait i got my buddy to post it check it http://www.d12world.com/board/showthread.p...307#post4036307
  6. post this at http://www.d12world.com/board they have well over 52,000 members they got a huge site right now they have 475 members online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post this there ur guarenteed to get some people to peep it
  7. no doubt it deserves so recgionition for a praty track with slick lyrics its nuts
  8. ...but then they realised that they were mental because they liked 50 and..
  9. yeah that is gay btu the beats are opk if u check instrumentals
  10. yeah hopefully i pray everynight that it will be ok!
  11. And thats the truth... haha thats where they should be!
  12. I will see it ASAP like T.I. lol and ill give my opnions
  13. cool man how did she doo? oh and sory bout the sig i havent really got aroudn to it because of all the bull**** going on in my life right now.. i'll work on it soon as i can man sorry bout the delay
  14. man that looks lieka really good movie the rocks a good actor he was funney as hell in the movie Be Cool haha espically his little music video... anyways can't wait for this sounds really cool
  15. thats soo true Shaq is really overpayed but then again alot of people are I.E. 50cent haha
  16. naw em did a pretty good job actually man the production is Straight but the Features are whack the way he minupliates his voice is whack and everything but if your a true 2Pac fan you wont care what eminem did because you listen to lyrics not beats.... Etc..
  17. lol yeah Johnny this is excatly but at the same time its kind of fun don't you think? lol
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