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  1. ncie track amn i will check it out later
  2. 50 needs to drop himself befor he gets droped someones going to step to that dude an he gon be gone i meancommon Curtis "interscope" jackson my ***
  3. probally but if they were smart they would push it up
  4. i dont know excatly all the albums but they have PUBLIC ENEMY-REBIRTH OF A NATATION AND MORE.... check it out.... http://dahiphopspot.com/forum/albums.php
  5. thats ture alot of 2nd movies seem to drag the same ideas from the first into them and thats what they did with mib2 hopefully 3rd will be good if they do make it
  6. good post here man and your right Code Red still doesn't seem old to me its still good as new Good job on these reasons too
  7. hopefully because most of these mainstream listeners are pretty different and they need to learn about pioneers and real forums that dont disrespect people for opnions etc..
  8. well today she was put down it was so hard to leave her there when she was in my arms i didn't want to let her go you know... i fell so bad now everything reminds me or her..
  9. thanks man yeah i had her put down today my whole family was emotional it was sad just leving her there you know.. thanks ya'll
  10. your right it is disrespect towards will cause he wants to do the music then he gets asked about movies he probly like what the hell.. i came here for music and got movies thats like asking for a bigmac at mcdonalds and getting a kids meal
  11. http://www.idleriot.com/media/videos/Funny...gets_PunkD.html check it out this is pretty funny
  12. haha oops i forgot again its the name Prince haha tells me when im wrong :wiggle:
  13. thank you man you know im starting to see what you were saying about this board being family... and your right its harder to deal with something when alot of things are happening all togather you know... well tommrow is the day :shakehead: :sigh:
  14. sould tell me to tell him i will do it ! i got alot of projects i got to do right now so ill work on it an hand it over
  15. haha oops my bad man sorry bout that haha damn i said man again haha sorry bout that
  16. thanks But ARGH i have to wait 1 hour to egt the next parts!!!!!!!!!1
  17. haha yeah making more people turn away from the music right.? thanks maxfly
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