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  1. ncie one there man good job on that
  2. ^^^ prob cause will don't need it man.. these people are scared i guess buisness is buisness though it explains why i am still hearing that eminem song here in london
  3. ^^^ it says the album came out july 26th 2005 and im going to definatly check that baby face
  4. I don't know he probally is he does make a lot of references so best to ask him... if you get a chance lol
  5. haha man this is the most origional written i've ever seen haha there are alot more words you need to explain though maby in store for "dictionary pt.2" hahaha
  6. emienm does some good things others not so well but o well
  7. haha yeah got freshprince all over that haha
  8. he is already a really good actor man he just needs more movies and stuff underhis belt to go down as a All-Time ya know maby he should go into another tv show or something
  9. why a couple of months? yall on break for a month lol
  10. yeah we should all sign a partishion or somethign an send it to Warner tellin them to get PS out NOW
  11. alright ill try if i can't then i guess i can't thanks all
  12. how do you get into the chat room things?
  13. man its a shame people have to step so low on the stairs where killing becomes an act of god like common thats messed up majorly
  14. thats pretty good man origional concept in ways soem lines could be better and more complex you did a good job on this one man GJ. can't wait to hear this.. we should collab hit me up in the pms or the chat when ever
  15. ^^ thats true man nice way to look at it all... WILL IS ILL is correct we need to check more confidently into kanyes album he deserves respect aswell most people do the same to will and you all are doing to kanye by judging off one song right.
  16. well i don't even know the guy so i'll styll give my best wishes to him hopefully he pulls throught
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