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  1. Hehe nice skit right there. THanks for posting that.
  2. I still haven't bought the album. Gotta do so sometime.
  3. I loved the final Rocky movie and I hope Rambo is gon be good as well.
  4. mama sey mama sa or how u might spell it ain't censored in this promo version I ripped 4 the board. It even has got my tag in its properties...
  5. What's the dvd called? I guess I slept on this one.
  6. Hey guys, what's up? I was just watchin The King of Queens (season 9, episode 10). Doug visits Arthur in his new mansion and the house reminded me of the Banks's house and I believe it is the one. I made a screenshot of the scene, check it out:
  7. That's a real nice video. THanks 4 posting that.
  8. I nerver noticed him, gotta check it out though.
  9. What's the password for the Gettin Jiggy Wit It video? The link password for megaupload isn't working either
  10. Not really! That is the price most plaques go for! Yeah, and since they can be bought in a store the price is fair I guess.
  11. I'm looking for the one video looks like Fresh's first house in L.A., if I don't get it twisted.
  12. I love this track as well. Especially when the sun is up and shining the track runs up and down in my stereo. Great song.
  13. A proper DVD with all their videos and some making ofs would be great. It is kinda hard to get your hands on all of these videos in decent qualities.
  14. Cant DL the Ali track. Offtopic: Paris Hilton's single is out a few weeks now here in Germany and she made to #8 in the charts...she's even gonna go on tour.
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