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  1. Nah haven´t seen it. I´m more into soccer.
  2. There are a few good tracks on it, a decent release. Just check it out.
  3. Of course it would be fantastic, but thats just a dream.
  4. As a rapper he is nuttin else than DOPE. He´s got dope lyrics and rhymes and everybody that doesn´t see that has gotta be a hater... :poke:
  5. I hope its being released in something like the summertime.
  6. The videos was played up and down on mtv & viva here in Germany, dunno bout the US and other places though.
  7. So Fresh starts where Will2K ended, so that´s like the main reason to release So Fresh as CDS I guess.
  8. The track is pretty cool but back in the 90s they were really much better than nowadays..
  9. [quote=bigted,Mar 24 2004, 03:29 PM]The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air was off the hook and I'm lookin' forward to coppin' the DVD when it drops[/quote]
  10. I doubt it really, cause of all the stuff Em threw @ Will
  11. That would be a great collabo in my opinion. Warren G. the chilled out dude and Will the old school G would be just great.
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