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  1. https://nas.lnk.to/Magic This hittin!!! best album in years!!!
  2. A 90's style song I made about where I'm from. https://traxsfv.bandcamp.com/track/boom-bap-valley-rap
  3. Random TV samples over a rap beat. I love it. They made a few singles, but does anyone know any more songs like this or the Paid In Full Remix?
  4. I always hoped he would do something with the Fat Boys in a reunion thing. Yea he was great.
  5. I've been making homemade music since 1987. I wanted to remake this song because I love the music and there is no good quality recording of the original. It's self-produced so it's kinda rough. I also changed the lyrics a bit. Beat is by John Page Contraband on YouTube. https://traxsfv.bandcamp.com/track/womb-to-the-tomb-house-of-pain-cover
  6. 40 minutes of heat!!! Both new and old school MC's. Not crazy about 40 minutes of the same beat, he could have mixed in a couple. Still dope.
  7. Yea I ain't with that pop remix. It's aight, the OG version was way better I think. Nice clip though.
  8. It's got some good tracks but kinda slow for me.
  9. https://nas.lnk.to/kingsdisease It's aight, good flows over new school beats. Too many new artists as guests.
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