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  1. I was listening to Lost and Found today and like every other time I lsten to it I said to myself that this album is way too good for it not to be platinum after more than two years since its release. I think that gold is simply not good enough. So I was thinking, why don't we gather as many fans as posible and push Lost and Found over the 1 million mark. At almost 700,000 the album is really close to reaching 1 mil and I believe that with the help of everybody on this forum we can do it. I myself only use this forum but it would be great for those of you who are members of other forums to get other fans in on this too.
  2. Hey U guys what's up? I was over at mtv.com and guess what I found out? L.L. Cool J will release his last album for Def Jam in the fall. And guess who's producing it? None other than wack rapper #1. If you guys are a little surprised well so am I. LL and 50 seem like an odd couple to me. I was thinking that since this could be LL's last album (although it doesn't say so, it just says it's his last album on Def Jam but you never know) it would be great if we as fans somehow let Will and LL know that we REALLY want them to do a track together. For those of us who would LOVE to see that happen, this could be our last chance because who knows if LL will do an album on a label that's not Def Jam and as for Will, who knows if he'll do an album period. So if there is ANYBODY out there who can get in contact with one of these Hip Hop legends in ANY way, do your thing. By the way LL's next album is titled TODD SMITH, PART 2: BACK TO COOL
  3. Hey guys did you know that Party Starter and Switch are on the top 40 countdown on Q100.5 in Atlanta. That's the same station that's playing Slide right? If it is, then maybe the people from Atlanta can call the station and request PS or Slide. And the rest of us can request them through their website. What do you think? We could actually turn things around now that Will is back on stage performing. The website is www.allthehitsq100.com
  4. This site is now up and running. CHECK IT OUT!
  5. Hey y'all check this out. According willsmith.com Will has been nominated fan an AMA. He was nominated in the POP/ROCK Favorite Male Artist category.
  6. Great news y'all. Switch is know in the top 20 on Billboard. It has moved from #23 to #19.
  7. I barely got my copy about 2 years ago from Amazon so it must have been new. And it had the logo on it. Unless Jive just recently re-released Code Red, this is a little wierd.
  8. Hey you guys what's up. I know that the best third single would be "Party Starter" because of the summertime and all, but I'm gonna think a little ahead here. After "Party Starter" I would love it if "Could You Love Me" would be the possible fourth single.That song just seems to be a song that you could chill to and it also shows the diversity of the album. Think about it, first "Switch" to get people's attention, then when you have the people's attention you hit them with "Tell Mw Why." Summertime comes along and you know that "Party Starter" hits the spot. Then it's time to relax. "Could You Love Me" is perfect. Besides, I think that the ladies would love it.
  9. Does anyone know for sure if the remix with Elephant Man will be on the album? I'm not really sure so please help me out.
  10. Hey guys, why is it that every time I go to amazon.com the release date for the single changes. Is it out already or will it ever be released?
  11. Does anyone knoe the tracklisting for the Switch single here in the U.S.?
  12. All we have to do is just TRY and see what happens. I think that it is a good idea to do it after the new album drops in January.
  13. Hey, you guys. This is JRA speaking and I just thought of something that could be interesting. We all love JJFP albums right? So I was thinking that wouldn't you want to see all these great albums remastered. Remember when the Platinum & Gold Collection came out. How cool it was to hear each song remastered. Well imagine how cool it would be to get entire albums remastered. Here is how I thought we went about getting it done. We should all write and send letters to Jive Records requesting these albums re-released remastered. Once they see how many people actually want this done, it might just happen. So I beg you to please join me and do this as soon as posible. If you don't know the Jive Records address. It is: JIVE RECORDS 137-139 WEST 25th STREET NEW YORK, NY 10001 You could also title it: ZOMBA RECORDING CORPORATION
  14. Hey Y'all, does anybody out there know who is in charge of signing artists to the music division of Will's company Overbrook. And also, do you know if they accept demos. If you know any of this please post it. I would appreciate it very much.
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