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  1. Nah sorry. I haven't even heard that track. I've only got the ones that are on the CD Single.
  2. It probably won't make platinum too soon.
  3. I always thought Horry looks like Will. There is a great resemblence there.
  4. The forum is used to share mega rare stuff so it is not correct to share it with others. Otherwise we could just post it here and on several other boards....the idea behind this forum is that we share it among a special group of board members, nothing else. Well hell whatever. It is Tim's bandwith and that was my definition of the potnas forum.
  5. Did not share it. The one who did that should confess...
  6. It didn't work for me either. i think the file is corrupt
  7. I didn't know that Will was on that movie until yesterday when I saw the credits at the end of the movie. that was the only thing i saw. I thought it might be another Will Smith but it isn't :D
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