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  1. Yeah, the features suck. How can u put Eminem and the G-Unit onto a Pac track? Well, that's just the way it is I guess.
  2. Yeah. The Pac fans know Amaru has been destroying Pac's legacy with their latest releases. R U still down and Still I Rise were the best releases after his death imo. The greatest song Pac did with J was probably Life Goes On. That's one of my favs!
  3. Well, Johnny worked on a lot of Pac's posthum releases and we still do not know if was suicide or not. The man had been in prison for 2 months and would have stayed there for another 2 months. He was not charged with DUI but with a felony.
  4. Nice performance of both entertainers right there. Thanks 4 the video.
  5. The funny thing about it that Dre didn't say a word and everybody goes at Dre. I don't get that.
  6. Yeah, maybe because he doesn't write his own lyrics, which is very similar to Will.
  7. Gangsta Rap is a very big business and millions of people live from gangsta rap, which is why I do not think Will should criticize gangsta rap. It is like Em said, Will doesn't have to curse to sell, others do. Not everybody can make a movie and earn 20m bucks... I got your point but I do not think people should be judged by what they do for a living. Will Smith did that and that is what he gets back.
  8. That is how I see it. Let's discuss that.
  9. Well, Will disses the gangsta rappers and now that they fight back they are the bad ones? I don't get that.
  10. This was posted before along with other tracks from the show. Thanks anyway.
  11. Well, nobody forces you all to buy the DVD the day it is released. Just wait a few years and u can buy the dvd for a few bucks.
  12. True. Which means nothing is going to change and things like that keep on happening over there.
  13. I can't even take this kind of news serious anymore, since this happens like once a month. It won't change until the USA introduces new laws for guns...
  14. I'd like to have just one percent of Woods' money.
  15. Well, there's a trick. It seems like some people know how to hide themselves...Big Willie uses this strategy all the time, which isn't alright.
  16. Pretty funny how people come online and are offline again in only 2 minutes. Strange, isn't it? How can I make myself invisible?
  17. True, Rade. Is that movie gonna be a drama or what?
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