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  1. I' m selling the single on eBay. Bid if u wanna have it. Here's the link Here's the Freakin' It CD Single featuring Holla Back, which I'm sellin' as well Freakin' It CD Single
  2. Maybe the track is just a b-side on the next single...
  3. Pretty strange. I chose Rap City though
  4. I already posted most of the stuff that was written in here. http://jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/inde...=platinum&st=10
  5. Damn y'all got me confused :D I was reading the topic as well and thought there's a jjfp LP droppin soon, :ali:
  6. Cause I´ve got those discs twice. :dancingcool:
  7. I again decided to sell some stuff from my Will Smith/Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince collection. 1 LP and maybe 2 singles. - Willennium LP brand new - Freakin It (with the b-side Holla Back) also brand new and maybe I´m Looking For The One (To Be With Me) Anybody interested? Maybe the German peeps round here? Maybe even The Magnificent LP and the Rock Wit U Single.
  8. This scene ain´t about being white but being non-gangsta
  9. He´s The DJ... even went 3x platinum in 95
  10. Decent sales. I think they´ll be rising over the next months
  11. Thanks 4 the link to "Chosen One"
  12. Hitch is promotion enough I guess.
  13. I furthermore found sources saying that "Nightmare On My Street" video was on heavy rotation when it was released.
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