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  1. I ordered two golden circle tickets for my girl and me as well as flight tickets to Manchester, train tickets to Blackpool and Hotel in Blackpool. We'll arrive on Sunday and go back on Monday. So basically we'll only see the show...
  2. Nah, as far as I know the labels need to reach out to the riaa to certify an album or single. So Columbia might not have done this in the last years
  3. I just checked Gold & Platinum certifications on RIAA.com and it seems like Big Willie Style is no longer diamond certified? How's that possible? I know for a fact the lp was on the site with 10x Multi-Platinum!? 9X Multi-Platinum | July 20, 2000 SOLO Standard None 8X Multi-Platinum | January 10, 2000 6X Multi-Platinum | February 26, 1999 5X Multi-Platinum | February 2, 1999 4X Multi-Platinum | September 29, 1998 3X Multi-Platinum | July 28, 1998 2X Multi-Platinum | April 8, 1998 Platinum | December 22, 1997 Gold | December 22, 1997
  4. I hope they have a great script for the movie although I believe it will not be able to match BB1 or BB2 in terms of being a great movie.
  5. The number of new topics probably has also declined because no new music has been released since then. It's tiiiime :)
  6. Yeah the tour could be a good kickstart to relaunch the music career. Also Will's latest movies have not been a large success in comparison to his block buster movies in the late 90s and 00s although I liked most of the movies.
  7. That's some nice numbers Will has put up. I guess if the JJ+FP albums were left out his average units sold per album could be close to Biggie's.
  8. I heard it but I would rather expect a reunion album or a solo project than a remix of a song.
  9. I'm coming. I'll fly over to Manchester on either Saturday or Sunday, attend the show and fly back on Monday. So who else will be there?
  10. Golden Circle sounds good but VIP Tickets sounds even better. I would love to fly over to the UK and see this show. Could be a once in a life time opportunity.
  11. Six years passed by and still nothing has come out. I wonder if he will ever drop another record.
  12. I'll wait until it can be streamed on youtube or somewhere else to check it out.
  13. Haha, yeah that was a great one. Brings up memories of long past days...
  14. I think it's great that we all read the news on XXL or somewhere else and just came back to the board to chat about it. :)
  15. Too bad this isn't up anymore. Would have liked to have this. :)
  16. Just saw this on youtube and thought I'd share. Mash Up
  17. That's some crazy figures right there...if he can go on like that he could be a billionaire at the end of his career.
  18. Nah, it is pretty close. About 40 minutes by train.
  19. Thanks. I'm currently on my term abroad in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire so I'm able to watch this! :D
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