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    i luv all sports n playin guitar n other instruments. i luv acting and drawing.....yup dat basically sums me up lol

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  1. dont u think it wud b a gd idea to make a wristband that say 46664 on it as thats the numbers that will it promoting with and every1 is tryin to get wristbands at da mo....wot ya think!
  2. y do u never see any shows on mtv or ne other music channels about will like making da video for, or the rise and the rise of?
  3. hu do u think that will shud do a duet with next?
  4. lol dats xactly wot i sed!!!da other bord is so simple
  5. hey fanx yall yeh i no stupid question but thnx neway
  6. yay! hey im kinda new aswell!!!welcome!
  7. i dno i must hav misd dat....i still dnt think they shud tho
  8. y do u think its gona b dat. i dnt think it shud b released cos its to deep. ppl hu rnt rly into will smith wnt appreciate it. its a waste of a song if they release it yet.
  9. wot song do u think will is gona release next???
  10. hey yall i missd will on trl yesterday wich i rly wanned to c so if ne1 knows of a website i can go to, to watch it i wud rly appreciate it. thx
  11. thx yall!! u'll b hearin alot frm me!
  12. lol well thx yall 4 answerin ma question. i like eminem but hes rly coky alot of da time. dnt like him nearly as much as will tho
  13. in mr nice guy will ses he ws dissd bi eminem but wot did he actually say??
  14. wooohooo i feel so welcum lol thanx yall!
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