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  1. And we thank you for this !
  2. 1 year and a half, I don't think we can still hear this somewhere :(
  3. thanks, this is a nice interview! Love it! He seems to be interested in what people says on INternet abouthim! Who knows, maybe he knows the board?! PS : Will, if you read me, 'Hi!'
  4. MIB wiothout Tommy Lee Jones ? Please don't do it, it's nonsense
  5. Very nice ! Can't understand the questions :D but very nice clips !
  6. Here is the DVDRip version : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J73DYWCM
  7. Yeah? I need to see this, I already saw the music video, but I didn't know it's on a Simpsons DVD ! EDIT You are right! Thanks for the info, I didn't know that!
  8. Thanks for this ! I love clips about this period !
  9. The new generation ? I don't know, but I don't know why they do that... kill time ? That's the only possible reason... and it's a bad one.
  10. I think he's home for months now, why he's not doing any funny videos like the 2-3 firsts ?!
  11. Wow this is a too complex english for me
  12. I don't think there is anything to answer to that. The guy is just stupid, he tries something by insulting a star. He just deserves that nobody talk about it, because talking about that is a promotion for his song.
  13. Yeah that's funny ! I love the scene when Jay Leno shows him how he was in the 90s ! Will can't believe it ! But it was him, the Will Smith we like !
  14. I don't like it, but I don't like this king of music, so it's not helping!
  15. Thanks man, these pics are really great!
  16. Those jealous motherf*ckers can't say that ! Unbelievable ! Peoples are crazy, just because this kid is making something good in his life, they think they need to insult him. I hope Jaden will press charges
  17. DJ Jazzy Jeff Talking about the How the Palms and Moon Nightclub r off the Hook! Plus Footage of the show. PS : I don't know why, the "media" thing don't work :( I can't put directly the video
  18. The time to be the 11th of may, on the released will be for september !
  19. Nice, thanks ! Bad the fact that doors didn't really opened for her... people see her like the character of hilary, that's a good thing for the job she was doing of FPOBA (like the journalist tell her), but it's too bad that closed doors.
  20. Hard to say ! But the forum is dead beacause there is nothing new to say about Jeff and Will. No movies, no albums, no TV shows, no talk show,... Nothing.
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