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  1. That's right, I don't know if we have proof that it's the real Willow.
  2. Nobody talked about a new album, maybe it's just a song, maybe just one verse on a song !
  3. Thank you Willow ! lol ! Let's just hope it's for an album and not just a song, but if it's just a song, It would still be pretty good !!
  4. Try this direct link http://download813.mediafire.com/tlzmipmt0t4g/yw0z0yyld2m/Just+Cruisin%27.mp3
  5. No extras... this is too bad... But we have the season 5, this is the good thing
  6. Damn, Jaden have more than karate moves !!
  7. Thanks for this ! This is a VERY nice interview ! Love their video of China !
  8. It's already finish ? But... it was monday night, right ? But in the US, it's monday in the morning right now, isn't it ? Damn I really need to move to the US to see the things at the goodtime
  9. I don't know the Neptunes :laugh: :laugh: but I'd love to see Will rapping again! With Jeff would be the better, but he can start with others, and then do something with Jeff !
  10. This is nice ! Too bad Will was not on the set to sing with her, but nic !
  11. Man I thought there was a rumour or a news ! But it's just an idea... :( A nice one ! JJFP FOR MIIIB !
  12. Yes I think too. I want to believe it's the real but... I asked Jeff about that, I don't have answer. Karyn Parson (the real ??) posted the same news about FPOBA 2011. A guy answer to her tweet, and Tatyana Ali retweeted this guy. So maybe it's true...
  13. Is that the REAL Will Smith Twitter ? Because, it all started withg that ! If it's not, the news is wrong ! If it is, so the news is real and amazing ! EDIT Weird... he's not follwing Jeff ! But by reading the tweets, it's seems possible...
  14. This is Issiar Dia, a young french soccer player, he's a fan of Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, and look what he does after scoring : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xcr6so_picot-danse-avec-dia_sport Not perfect, especially for some others players, but still funny !
  15. In the coming days, I'll listen to Kinto Sol, a mexican rap group ! I heard 3 songs, and I really like it, so I will listen they're discography !
  16. Breakdown - Tantric Not my kind of music, but very nice song, from The Shield :)
  17. I'm not even sure that ID4 2 can be a good idead... so a 3...
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